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Jinjja Cha Podcast: Talk To Me w/Kelly

Episode Name: 진짜 차 팟캐스트 Jinjja Cha Podcast: Talk To Me (w/Kelly)

Hello-Haseyo! Kelly is here and we talked A LOT!
Hot Topics:
CL to be on James Corden’s Talkshow
JYP GLOBAL AUDITIONS (really just N America though)
YoonMirae is coming back
Minzi’s New Look & Jessi’s surgery
Se7en & Lee Dahae
Is Ha Ju-Yeon a lesbian?
Why You Gotta Be Anonymous? (listener submissions & letters)
Main Topic: Suicide in Korea/East Asia
We talked about societal pressures and attitudes towards mental health in South Korea as well a few other factors that may or may not contribute to the rising suicide rate in Korea. This was just a conversation between three friends trying to wrap our heads around suicide as a result of depression, isolation and untreated mental health issues.

Stick around for the short music section:
Red Velvet- Russian Roulette
 VS Mino-Body
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Ending Song: I-Kendrick Lamar
Please talk to us or someone you can trust if you need someone to talk to.

Once again thank you to the MODS and everyone on this site that has helped the podcast grow over the last few months. We really appreciate it!
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