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[OMONA DISCUSSION] What's the best age to debut and when are you too old?

Today, I read the following article on Netizenbuzz about Chanmi (from PD101). Some netizens talked about her age and that she's already too old to debut in a K-pop group. I just couldn't stop thinking about this topic. In K-pop, it seems perfectly fine to debut kids that are still in middle school or that just entered high school (for example, Taemin debuted at 14, or look at Somi, she's 15). These kids are still in puberty, are still growing up. Isn't it wrong to throw them into the entertainment industry at such a young age? Isn't it better to debut idols when they're in their early or middle 20s, after graduating school and experiencing a "normal" childhood? What's so wrong about idols that are almost 30?

I thought that here at Omona we could discuss this (and other topics) in weekly/monthly OMONA DISCUSSION posts. I'd love to hear your opinions about this topic, and if you would have debuted at such a young age. Do you feel bad for idols that have to face critism and hate from netizens while still being kids?

Article: 'Momoland' Heo Chanmi makes a surprise appearance... "I hope you get to debut"

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+367, -7] Heo Chanmi is so old now so I don't think it's possible for her to debut with a new girl group... she needs to go solo
2. [+297, -47] She was the sacrificial lamb of 'Produce 101' and their malicious editing tactics... Find strength and find a way to debut
3. [+236, -15] Seems like she'll be stuck as a trainee forever as a concept..
4. [+44, -0] I watched her on 'Produce 101' and she's talented for sure but doesn't have that public friendly charm....
5. [+36, -1] I feel bad for her. She was in the debut line up for SNSD and f(x) and I don't know what happened but she left as an SM trainee and her 5dolls debut didn't do well, her Co-Ed debut didn't do well.. eliminated from 'Produce 101'... Nothing goes right for her
6. [+29, -12] She's only 25 years old, I still think she has a chance. Sojin, Park Bom, and Sandara debuted in their late twenties, why can't Heo Chanmi?
- This Momoland show itself is a survival show from Heo Chanmi's own company and she's not even a part of the show. I don't know whether she had a choice in that or not but maybe she herself doesn't want to be in a girl group anymore.
- It's not because of her age. You either need to be pretty or charming and if the public doesn't think she has either one of those, it's probably one of the reasons why she hasn't found a place for herself yet.
- Even Irene has one of the top visuals among idols and she still gets hated on for her age, that's just the reality of the industry
7. [+20, -3] There's nothing more miserable than holding on to a dream that you can't achieve
8. [+19, -2] That filler at the end of her jaw
9. [+15, -1] It's true that she was the sacrificial lamb of malicious editing... but either way, I just don't see it working out for her. She could find another path to pursue...
10. [+15, -1] She shows that sometimes there are things even effort can't achieve

sources: netizenbuzz + nate

mods, if you think this format doesn't suit omona you don't have to approve this post. this is just a random idea. maybe we can turn this into a weekly/monthly thing (i'd love to talk about the possibility of a foreign idol in a k-pop group for example). also, i used the most random tags cuz i didn't know how to tag this post.
Tags: culture, mnet, netizens, omona discussion, social issues, tv shows
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