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MBLAQ @ ChinChin Radio

They sang Oh Yeah, G.O.OD Luv, 4men's 고백(Go Baek), and Maroon5's This Love

- Mir introduced himself as MBLAQ’s rapper and visual. LOL
- I love leader’s hair like that. Joon’s hair is straighter. I prefer it when it’s messy. tongue.gif
- Leader seems to be doing the most talking.
- They said tonight is their first LONG radio show, last week’s Starry Night was only 7 minutes long each night.
- Thunder looks kinda serious and quiet.
- Taeyeon mentioned the ever popular feature, Cheon Dung and Mir’s famous sisters. They were asked about watching their sister’s debut. Mir said he cried when he watched his sister! Awwww… T_T
- Still don’t hear Joon’s voice!!! >.<

- Leader explained their title song.
- They’re performing Oh Yeah!!! Joon and his aggressive voice again. I love how he does the falsetto AND aggressive parts of the song. I didn’t realise G.O. does this part too! LOL Cheon Dung moving to the beat during his rap part. Leader hasn’t stopped smiling throughout the show!
- They finally revealed the mysterious female featured in the song! It’s NOT Hyuna. Sorry to burst your bubble.
- Taeyeon asked them their favourite songs in their mini-album. Mir said something funny about his part, something about his favourite is Oh Yeah because he actually has a part in it. XD (might have translation errors)
- Nickname talk, Mir and his nipple talk again. XD The way he explained it is funny!
- Joon please talk more!!! >.< He still has the mysterious aura doesn’t he? Mir is talking the most now.
- Audition talk.
- Cheon Dung playing the camera, commercial break. The rest preparing to sing another song.
- Seung Ho, Joon and G.O. singing a song by 4Men!!! Not sure about the title, sorry. WHOA! G.O. and Seung Ho’s falsetto. Very nice! Come to think of it, the three of them kinda have similar voices, which makes it sounds so beautiful when their voices blend together. <3 G.O.’s high note is the best! And Seung Ho’s climax, WOW! I didn’t know he could sing like that. I didn’t realise ALL of them could sing like that! Wooooo~
- JooMi moment during commercial break! <3
- They’re having snacks.
- Cheon Dung kept waving to the camera. biggrin.gif
- Joon finally spoke!!! Something about being nervous performing live I guess?
- Leader’s kinda reading the script answering one of the questions. Hmmm… I think it’s like an analysis on their character or something like that. It’s not really their own thoughts. tongue.gif Leader’s ideal girl is Kim Shin Young?! XD
- G.O. mentioned something about SNSD, and he said he’s jealous of Mir’s chest!!! XD G.O.’s ideal girl is UEE. O.O
- Member’s REAL ideal girls!!! Joon’s is … *drumsrolls* … Kim Yuna!!! The beautiful figure-skater… Cheon Dung’s is SOHEEEEE! Whoa… talk about fate, they just had a photoshoot for a CF together. Cool! Seungho’s is Jiyoon from 4Minute, WOW. He likes her strong feel. They sound excited waiting for Mir’s answer. LOL Wait.. they didn’t ask him! >.<
- Leader’s gonna play the piano again!!! G.O. singing and Cheon Dung rapping. I think they might perform This Love again. Taeyeon asked JooMi to stay and applaud for them. Haha! G.O. is standing further away this time. Leader looks so cool and comfortable on the piano. They MUST do a live performance with leader on the piano soon!!!
- Leader is curious about one of the nicknames given by his fans, something that sounds like shopping. XD
- Joon’s character analysis! I think he sounds the most natural reading the script. Joon’s predicted ideal girl is UEE (again?). It says that he likes to act cute, but he strongly objects. He insisted that he’s chic, definitely no aegyo.
- Mir, Taeyeon is reading his part for some reason. Mir mentioned DoongDoong hyung again! I think it was something about his predicted ideal girl. XD Taeyeon’s reading Cheon Dung’s part as well, his predicted ideal girl(s), UEE and Sohee. Kinda accurate, but UEE again??
- Taeyeon said the guys are fun. I agree!!! biggrin.gif
- Final LIVE!!! G.O.O.D. Luv, YAY!!! LOL Mir’s little dance at the beginning. XD I can’t get over Joon and his aggressive voice. >.<
- I’m so glad we get one full hour of the boys today! And this is only Chin Chin! They’ll be on PKL’s Starry Night half an hour later. I’m not sure how to stream that live. So, whoever is watching, do update! biggrin.gif
- The boys brought food for Taeyeon before they left. So sweet!!!

Videos - annfabreag@youtube 1,2,3,4
Summary - chunjess@soompi

They sound really good in the 3rd song
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