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Controversy Over EXO's Suho's Comment On Age Gaps in Dating

During a V-Live broadcast in January, Suho was asked how big of an age difference he is okay with between him and his partner. Suho replied with "[...] I can accept from 14 to 38". He then acknowledges that he would be jailed for dating a minor, and tells them to "Come to me when you're an adult".

Skip to 45:38 - 46:20 on the V-Live video to see where he says this.

A Korean-American EXO fan has raised the possibility of this being the product of poor translation on V-App's part and poor wording on Suho's part.

"as a Korean Canadian who actually speaks Korean, if you watch the video and ignore V app’s translations the sequence of events is more like this:

says he’s willing to date the same zodiac sign, one cycle up and one cycle down (one cycle being 12 years)

takes a few seconds to do the math

realizes that since he’s 26 the lower end of that zodiac range is 14

laughs awkwardly and nervously realizing that 14 is way too young
backtracks and says, if i were to translate it literally, ‘ah but like, for minors, cheolkeong cheolkeong’ (which is the Korean word for the sound of chains rattling and he’s using it to imply jail without outright saying it) <- in Korean, this doesn’t really come off as a joke, so no, he’s not making a joke about getting jailed for dating minors

finally, then he says ‘come find me after you become an adult, … otherwise cheolkeong-’
he’s obviously flustered and aware he said something wrong and if you watch more he says ‘no i said that i don’t want to do that (date minors)’

yes this is poor backtracking on his part but i’m not sure you can say it’s anything more than that? it’s obvious to any korean speaker watching that he made a misstep and is stumbling over his words trying to make it clear that he doesn’t think dating minors is okay. (it’s also important to remember that this was an unscripted livestream)

i agree that he should be held responsible for his mistake and poor wording, but i don’t think that he’s guilty of being a predator or purposely making fun of csa

do you guys really think that if what he said sounded as problematic in Korean as the translation made it sound, Korean netizens wouldn’t jump on his ass when this video first went live? netizens are known to be fucking brutal, there’s a reason we haven’t really heard about this for 8 months"

sources:, biyoongis, yeyewalkways

mods, is this okay?
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