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Who gets paid when you sing at noraebang?

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the introduction of noraebang, or "singing room" in Korea. Now, it has become a popular place for residents and tourists alike. Did you know that every time you sing a song at noraebang, someone is collecting royalties for the music? This week, we explore every thing you need to know about noraebang royalties, including how they are calculated, collected, and distributed.

Favorite noraebang jams? At my fav joint I'm usually doing Big Bang, 90s R&B, The Sound of Music soundtrack, or Lisa Loeb's "Stay". There's also a good chance I'll be eating fried chicken too. Come say hi if you see fried chicken being delivered to any room with the aforementioned playlist!

Arirang Issue
Tags: culture, music
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