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JYP returns to the stage for year-end

Park Jin-young of JYP Entertainment announced yesterday he will return to the stage as a singer for a series of year-end concerts from Dec. 23-26 at the Olympic Park Hall in southern Seoul. Park recently made headlines in entertainment pages after the single "Nobody," which he produced for the Wonder Girls entered the North American Billboard HOT 100 chart at #76.

In 2007, the 37-year-old super producer released his seventh studio album as a performer after spending six years behind the scenes.

During that time the music mogul turned out hit after hit for groups under his record label like 2PM, the Wonder Girls and 2AM.

In subsequent years Park has stepped back in front of the microphone for year-end performances that have taken him around the country to Seoul, Bucheon, Busan and Daegu.

Known also as "ugly-sexy" for his seemingly haggard yet seductive stage presence, his suggestive lyrics and sexually charged dance moves have gained him popularity among legions of women.

Park debuted in 1994, introducing neo-Soul and R&B to the Korean mainstream.

source: koreaherald
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