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Hottests Empty Their Wallets

The 2PM Underground Fan Movement has delivered their bankbook project on the 28th of October to the JYP building.

The bank book project showed 11,000\ in the fans' bank accounts, money that is put aside to purchase 2PM's album. On the front read "This money will be spent on the album with 2PM's Leadja Park Jaebum's Return." On the back read "I <3 JAEBUM."

The underground movement stated that this is the 2nd boycott movement after the CD returns. "We did not physically collect money but this was rather a show of the fans' thoughts and another way to boycott. It's not only Park Jaebum but for a CD with all of the 7 members of 2PM."

The bank book project had participants from all age groups of middle, high school, and college students with 20~30 year old career folks. Student parents, 2AM fans, and international fans also took part by sending their checks in a separate clear case.

The first try had 1,816 checks, with the 2nd garnering 4,376 in the short 12 day trial, collecting over 6,192 total bank accounts. The total amount of "money" collected totals to 68,000, 000 won (5, 700 USD).

The underground movement has stated "What the fans want is not 2PM's leader Park Jaebum's return but for the company to take back Park Jaebum's withdrawal from the group and for the company to protect him, along with the assurance that Park Jaebum will return."

source: newsen | 2ONEDAY

Thank you hey_insomnia :)
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