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PENTAGON Oct. 10th Debut News Round-up

Cube's Secret Weapon, PENTAGON's Surprise 10/10 Debut

Cube Entertainment's rookie group, PENTAGON, will finally take flight.

They will release their debut mini-album, titled "Pentagon", through various online sites at 12am on October 10th, and will begin their full-fledged debut activities.

Last May, MNet announced their first interactive idol-making project, "Pentagon Maker", where viewers were introduced to the faces and outstanding vocal skills and performances of this rookie group. This hot new boy group has been garnering interest in the music scene.

In particular, Cube Entertainment chairman, Hong Seung Sung stated that they are a group worth investing 10 billion won in. Cube is in the midst of ambitious preparations for this group.

Four years after the debut of BTOB in 2012, Cube will launch their "secret weapon", Pentagon. This global group includes 10 members: Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, E'Dawn, Shinwon, Yeo One, Kino, and Wooseok from Korea as well as Yan An from China and Yuto from Japan.

The title song on their debut mini-album will be 'Gorilla', described as a hip hop song with emphatic beats and a masculine brass sound. The members will showcase energetic vocal and rap performances.

The groups name, Pentagon, represents the five components needed for idol groups, including vocals, rap, dance, teamwork, talent, and mind, which the members all fulfill. Cube hopes that Pentagon will be met with lots of love and interest.

Source: Cube_PTG twitter, mydaily.co.kr + my (rough) translations, Cube YT channel

Surprised that no one has posted about this so decided to take it on myself (sorry for any formatting/translation errors). Anyone else excited? :)
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