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#TTTOP x Sotheby's in Hong Kong

His photos speak widely of a developed interest in art and design -- a quick glance sees T.O.P. (whose real name is Choi Seung Hyun) posing in tribute to a lanky Alberto Giacometti sculpture, lounging in a metallic chair by Ron Arad and palling around with the likes of Takashi Murakami.

More prominent posts of late nod to the star's new project with Sotheby's. Over the past year, he has collaborated with the auction house on #TTTOP, an upcoming sale of Asian and Western contemporary art.

The auction will feature 28 works from renowned artists as well as lesser known, emerging talents.

Yuki Terase, a contemporary Asian art specialist at Sotheby's Hong Kong, describes T.O.P.'s tastes as "eclectic" and identifies "Infantry" by the late American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and a commissioned piece by T.O.P.'s friend, Japanese artist Kohei Nawa, as auction highlights.

"It reflects and represents what young Asian collectors are starting to collect," Terase says. "They don't collect according to categories, culture, or schools of thought, they just collect what appeals to them aesthetically. So, it's very personal. T.O.P. is not bound by any books or series of how the collection should be."

Partnering with a big personality is part of Sotheby's -- one of the world's oldest auction houses -- efforts to draw in a younger demographic through social media. Terase says the #TTTOP auction campaign has already generated more than 13 million impressions online.

In this episode of the Invitation, CNN Style speaks to T.O.P. in Seoul, ahead of the October auction, where a selection of highlights were shown at The Shilla Seoul.
There, amongst some of his favorite artists, T.O.P. reveals his deep appreciation for art.
Sotheby's evening auction #TTTOP will be held Oct 3 in Hong Kong.

ArtAsiaPacific talked to South Korean megastar T.O.P in an exclusive interview about his collecting aspirations and his contemporary art endeavors. The actor, singer and rapper was recently in Hong Kong to open the special sale “#TTTOP” at Sotheby’s, which he curated.

Remember when he used to wear layers and layers of clothing and then around like 2013 he started giving up some bare slutty ankle porn (still my fav Tabi porn honestly) and we went crazy because it was like "What are you doing?!? How dare you?!?" But for the past year now he's not buttoning anything up and I see chest and I feel like I miss the days when he would wear a undershirt, and then a shirt, and then a sweater, and then a waistcoat, and then a jacket, and then a coat because I know this asshole is doing this to me on purpose. This feels like a personal attack, Choi. I wanna kick yo ass. And then run my tongue up and down that bare slutty chest.

I love that CNN video. It's so beautifully shot! I wish it went on longer. Also, yellow subtitles for that ArtAsiaPacific video wtf? Anywhos, he looks tired but he also really passionate and excited for this. I'm so happy for him.

Hypebeast, Sotheby's Hong Kong Weibo, Popbee, CNN, ArtAsiaPacific Magazine, unknown me 1 & 2
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