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PENTAGON 1st Mini-Album Track List Revealed

01. Wake Up (Intro)
Composed, Arranged by Seo Jae Woo
Lyrics by Big Sancho, E'Dawn

02. Pentagon
Composed, Lyrics, Arranged by Big Sancho, Jo Sung Ho

03. Gorilla (Title)
Composed, Arranged by Gavin Jones, Harry Sommerdahl, Ali Zackowski
Lyrics by Seo Ji Eum

04. 미지근해
Composed, Arranged by Ferdy
Lyrics by Kang Dong Ha, E'Dawn, Wooseok

05. Smile
Composed by Shin Hyuk, Delly Boi, RE:ONE, Jayrah Gibson, DK
Lyrics by Mayfly, Keyfly
Arranged by Delly Boi, RE:ONE

06. 귀 좀 막아줘 (Organic Song) - E'Dawn, Yuto, Wooseok with Hui
Composed by E'Dawn, Hui
Lyrics by E'Dawn, Wooseok
Arranged by Big Sancho

07. You Are - Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yan An, Kino
Composed, Lyrics by Hui
Arranged by Big Sancho

Source: Cube_PTG twitter

Looks like a pretty substantial mini with lots of member participation! But none of Kino's self-composed songs... :(
Tags: cube entertainment, debut, pentagon
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