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#TTTOP x Sotheby's nets almost $17.5 Million USD

The auction did better than the $90,000,000 HKD/$11,500,000 USD estimate. Biggest bids went to Lee Ufan's Winds ($1.4 Million USD), Gerhard Ritcher's Abstraktes Bild ($1.5 Million USD), Rudolph Stingel's Untitled ($2 Million USD), and Jean-Michel Basquiat's Infantry ($6 Million USD).

Screenshot (346).png
Tomita Naoki's View (T.O.P) estimated $7,738-$10,317, sold for $29,016 USD

Screenshot (346).png
Nawa Kohei's Pixcell - T.O.P(Doom Dada) estimated $6,448-$10,317 USD, sold for $72,540 USD

Screenshot (346).png
Murakami Takashi's To Sleep, Or Not To Sleep-That Is The Question estimated $12,896—$19,344, sold for $17,732 USD

Nawa Kohei's Trans Project In Collaboration With T.O.P estimated $77,376—$103,168, sold for $153,140 USD

Kaneujui Teppei's Avalanche #1 estimated $10,317—$12,896 USD, sold for $35,464

Kaneujui Teppei's Avalanche #2 estimated $6,448—$10,317 USD, sold for $30,628

I am so happy for him! Hopefully this will lead to more opportunities for curator TOP. Congrats to him, Sotheby's, and the Asian Arts Council. I personally think he bought either the Lee Ufan or the Ivan Navarro.

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