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GFriend for Clinique and Samsung Card + GFriend in Taiwan + MGT Milestone + Happy Birthday Yuju!!


GFriend for Clinique Lip Pop Matte

CF (4 versions)

Making Off


¿©ÀÚÄ£±¸.gif ¿©ÀÚÄ£±¸1.gif
2.jpg ¿©ÀÚÄ£±¸6.gif
¿©ÀÚÄ£±¸5.gif ¿©ÀÚÄ£±¸4.gif 80221346.1_99_20160909104213.jpg
¿©ÀÚÄ£±¸3.gif ¿©ÀÚÄ£±¸2.gif

gfriend_clinique.jpg clinique_s_0267_copy.jpg clinique_s_0273_copy.jpg
clinique_s_0490_copy.jpg clinique_s_0476_copy.jpg
clinique_s_0503_copy.jpg clinique_s_0511_copy.jpg

clinique_s_0566_copy.jpg clinique_s_0535_copy.jpg
clinique_s_0162_copy.jpg clinique_s_0186_copy.jpg 80221347.1_99_20160909104213.jpg

clinique_s_0761_copy.jpg clinique_s_0708_copy.jpg

clinique_s_0816_copy.jpg clinique_s_0487_copy.jpg

11111 (2).gif11 (2).gif1111.gif

they shoot the Clinique CF at midnight.

[Special Clips] Gfriend x Clinique Behind The Scenes from the official Gfriend's channel

With Eng Subs:

GFriend for Samsung Card
(Holgabun Song II with Yoon Jongshin, Yang Se Hyung, Jang Jaein, Jung Jinwoon)
Full Song and MV

CF 30''

GFriend Showcase in Taiwan

GFriend had their first showcase in Taiwan (sold out), Umji injured her leg and couldn't dance but she was there. The Tw-Buddies made a suprise and they showed a fanmade video to Gfriend and everyone got emotional in the end when they turned around and saw the heart.

Watch GFriend Vapp live from the Showcase, where they are performing the final song and backstage HERE (with eng subs)

Me Gustas Tu Milestone

"Me Gustas Tu" surpass 2 million copies on Gaon Download Chart. It's at 2,021,836 from the last update.
Congrats GFriend!

Happy Birthday Yuju!!

Sweet Angel Choi Yuna, GFriend's main vocal and YeoJelYi was born on October 4th! (1004 if you say this number in korean you will be saying 천사 (chun sa) which means Angel).
 It's her 19th (international) and 20th (korean) birthday.

Watch GFriend's Vapp celebrating Yuju's Birthday with a kiss fest HERE (with eng subs)

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