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GIRLSGIRLS comeback activites halted due to Miso's illness: track & mv will be released as planned

"Hello. This is H brothers Entertainment.

Firstly, we would like to begin by thanking all of the Dealers who have shown love and care for GirlsGirls.

Unfortunately, we have to deliver some bad news leading up to the comeback.
After their performance in Vietnam, GirlsGirls member ‘Miso’ was complaining of symptoms of conjunctivitis (pink eye), so she went to receive care. However, the medical team initially misdiagnosed her symptoms, and the mistreatment lead to more severe symptoms. For the past three days, after arriving back in Korea, she went directly to the emergency room, received a thorough examination, and is currently undergoing treatment.

Because of Miso’s sudden illness, all activities leading up to the comeback—interviews and performances, etc.—have been cancelled, but the comeback song will still be released online at noon on the 11th (Tue.) as planned.

Miso really wants to start activities again as soon as possible, since the comeback is next week. According to Miso’s wishes, activities will resume immediately once she has fully recovered. So, please wait just a little while longer.

We deeply and sincerely apologize to Dealers for having to relay such unfortunate news.

Thank you."

original source @ girlsgirls facebook, translation by (QOHxGGP) (photo @

:( i hope she takes as much time as she needs
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