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SHINee/INFINITE friendship lives on!! [heavy post]

[Infinite were asked what they thought of promoting at the same time as SHINee]

Today on MBC FM4U Kim Shin Young Noon's Song of Hope

[Lots of Shinfinite interaction under cut]
Sunggyu and Jonghyun

The reason for sunggyu laughing at the end of his stage:

Shinee congratulating Sunggyu on his win

Woohyun and Jonghyun

Woohyun and Key

Minho and Sunggyu

Woohyun, Hoya and Key

Dongwoo and Jonghyun


Dongwoo also mentioned recently on V APP how kind Jonghyun is, and said once he drove him from Gangnam to Mapo

[So basically]

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When Flaming Charisma met Burning Hoya

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