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Flashback Friday

It’s Friday, yay! Every week I go through the charts for this Friday in a past year and post the top three songs. Then, I choose two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we’re going back four years, to the 1st week of October, 2012.

#3 G-Dragon “Missing You”
“One of a Kind” is my fav GD solo album, and this is one of my fav songs on it. The “Missing You” track features the guest vocals of the awesome Kim Yoon Ah from the equally awesome band Jaurim (I am waiting for the day when my favorite Jaurim song pops up on a chart you don’t even know). This video, however, is from GD’s One of Kind Tour, and features Soohyun from AkMu. They’re both so awkward and cute in their matching outfits lol adorable.

#2 Naul “Memory of the Wind”
This is one of those songs where six seconds in you’re like, “Well shit, I already know this is going to break my heart.”

#1 Ga-in “Bloom”
MOTHERFUCKING BLOOM. HELL YES. One of my favorite MVs EVER. The intro is great, the song is great, the choreo is great, she looks great, the MV is sexy as fuck…*heavy breathing*

Honorable Mentions

#5 Orange Caramel “Lipstick”

Ahhh I remember those big taffeta bows like it was yesterday! I think this is probably my most favorite OC track, although I do like the live performances of this more than the MV. I don’t think I ever liked the MV. They look freakin cute, though.

#8 Secret “Poison”

I remember this, but I get this song confused with “Madonna”, it kinda sounds the same to me (and “Madonna” sounded like “Magic” to me lol). But they all look good in the MV, but I remember the lives most for this song. They all looked really good this era.

YouTubes: Gbewitch, 1theK 1 2 3, TSENT2008 & Olleh
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