clifford123 (abcd123) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Korean BTS fans react to WINGS short films!

[rest of WINGS reactions + Boy Meets Evil reaction]

mods, ignore the previous one I forgot the credit. ^^

their reaction to rap monsters english narration is so cute. Anyways, these are from a month ago but I wanted to share them because i'm a sucker for fan theories and they (especially the girl) provided some really interesting insights i haven't seen been mentioned before. Most of their theories (and the ones they mentioned they read from K-ARMYs) are similar to intl-fan ones, which means bighit probably is onto something here.

Also, this is my first time seeing Korean reactioners! I know Suga's mentioned seeing reaction videos before, I wonder if they've watched these lol (considering they'd be able to understand their comments too). It's fun to see that the reaction to the music, cinematography, and jhopes abs dancing is pretty much universal.

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