Pat (showminomoney) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

[IMPORTANT] The Omona Census Survey of 2016

HEY OMONA! Seeing as the last census survey conducted on here was done in 2013!!, we figured it's about time to do another one. Presenting:

The Omona Census Survey of 2016

Anyone reading this post is welcome to take the survey, be you member, non-member, or lurker. We are curious to know more about all of our lovely Omonians and readers. We've also included a question regarding your thoughts on what you would like to see more of & on what ways you feel omonatheydidnt can improve. It's completely anonymous and we won't know who answered it, but please try your best to be honest.

This will be pinned for 24 hours and will be up on the sidebar and answerable until October 15. Results will be posted after that.

Feel free to leave your questions, gif reactions, and puppy pictures down in the comments of this post. TYFYT and have a great day! <3

EDIT: The survey has ended! Thank you so much for all your responses and suggestions. The results will be up soon. :)
Tags: !mod post, !omona census
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