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PPAP: The new internet meme your kpop faves love! 🖊🍍🍎🖊

Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen is, to most, the new annoying internet trend that's everywhere. Kpop idols, however, seem to love it! It all started with a video that went viral, posted by singer-songwriter DJ Piko-Taro, who is a character Japanese comedian Kosaka Daimou invented.

It's got a catchy beat and the lyrics are simple and easy to sing and act along to. They go like this:

"I have a pen. I have an apple. Apple-pen! I have a pen. I have pineapple. Pineapple-pen! Apple-pen. Pineapple-pen. Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen."

Thus, the new internet meme was born. So which one of your faves joined the fun?

EXO's best subunit ChenBaekXi

TWICE's Chaeyoung and Tzuyu

CLC created a fun video for the challenge

IKON did their own rendition during one of their concerts

UP10TION even did it multiple times, that's how much they love it

INFINITE gave it a shot

FX Victoria

BIGBANG Seungri couldn't miss the fun either

BTOB did it too, of course


GOT7 surprisingly did not do it yet!! but here's a mention of it

but the ASC hosts did

source: piko-taro, KingBlingJH, united cube, zang too, up10tion [2], princefairies, twice, inifinitelyb2st, infinite vines, victoria instagram, lyyohbleyookism, gottatalk2v1212, ftgtjh, aant_ant, เจได

if i missed anyone, do post them in the comments!
omona, do you love or hate ppap?
Tags: 15&, big bang, btob, clc, day6, exo, f(x), f.t island, ikon, infinite, internet, seungri, twice, up10tion, victoria
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