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The Return of Superman Ep 150

[It’s Okay to Not Be Perfect] Soeul and Daeul go fishing anchovies where they meet a big fish they have never seen before. Seoeon and Seojun meet with two uncles who will teach them the dance routine for their new song. Donggook takes a peek at his children’s daycare center life. A professional gamer who has recently become a dad visits Taeyoung’s house to get a useful tip on childcare.

Daebak is so popular with his daycare noonas lol. And I just can't with Haeryung's dad. Your child is over a year old and you've never feed/changed/bathed her? Like, can't even undo a diaper? Taeyoung showed a lot more patience than I could ever. But you could tell he all "wtf" at him too.

KBS World TV
Tags: return of superman
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