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Friendship is dead: Feeldog and Choi Hyojin expose Hoya's dark selgo past

[Expose him!]

Context: 'selgo' in korean means someone bad at taking selfies

[It gets better]

[Their friendship <3]

‘To my best friend Gwangsuk (feeldog) who used to sweep the battle floors, although we didn’t get to make our debut together, let’s all succeed and stand on one stage together! ' - Hoya

[Stages with Choi Hyojin as his partner]

Hit The Stage ep. 2

Infinite Effect Advance concert

The practice video

Source: fxxldoggsy, infiniteupdates, hoaegi (1, 2), inpinitaize, star-hoya, egumoya, real hoya, hogam, mnet official.

"At least he's trying" hahaha these guys are killing me

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