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Nam Taehyun's Psychological Health Reportedly Worstening, WINNER Comeback to be Delayed

This afternoon (October 12th) YG released an official statement through its blog regarding Nam Taehyun's health.

According to YG, Nam Taehyun has been suffering from mental health problems since a trainee, and his condition has worsened the past few months. Currently he has stopped participating in activities for WINNER and will be receiving treatment to recover, in addition, Taehyun has gone home instead of staying in the WINNER dorm.

In addition WINNER members are taking Taehyun's health into priority before making a comeback.

WINNER was suppose to make a comeback and had a schedule planned but has been postponed indefinitely due to the unforseen circumstances.

Taehyun has been reported to be struggling with mental health problems since a trainee, and the past few months have not been good for him.

Furthermore, Taehyun and his mother have been going for therapy together in order to help with treatment.

WINNER as a group have made the decision to halt all activities (domestic activities included) until Taehyun fully recovers.

Source: instiz via /u/balloon_wanted

Edit: Alternative article translation from Soompi
because translations are always tricky, it's best to have multiple perspectives.
Tags: health, nam taehyun, winner, yg entertainment
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