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BTS’s Producer For “Cypher 4” Apologizes To Group For Duplicate Instrumental

Tricky Stewart, the producer who worked with BTS for "Cypher 4," one of the songs on "WINGS," officially apologized to the group for a previous version of the song's instrumental being used by a band from the Netherlands in 2015.

Here is Tricky Stewart's tweet where he explains what happened:

Big Hit Entertainment also made a statement on the matter, reiterating the statement from Tricky Stewart. The agency said, "Tricky Stewart and his management have admitted to their mistake and taken full responsibility as well as promised to deal with the situation as soon as possible to minimize damage to BTS."

Big Hit said, "BTS is not at fault. Rather, they are the victims. As such, we requested the apology [from Tricky Stewart] to BTS and BTS's fans worldwide."

Listen to the two songs here:

Sources: Naver via Soompi | @TrickyStewart | TopNotch YT | Lynn Eksonyeondan YT

at least now we have an answer to why the two instrumentals are exactly the same...but how does information like this not get passed along to the producer? :\
Tags: bts, plagiarism
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