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Narsha shares photos from her wedding trip!

narsha81: 오늘밤에 출발합니다✈️
맘이뒤숭숭해서 간밤에잠을설쳤더니 둘다얼굴은 말이아니지만
감사한 마음가득안고 자알~ 다녀오겠습니다.
예쁜모습가득가득 담아올께요🌸
#남편공개 🙊
We’ll be leaving tonight✈️
Not that I would say why our faces are like this, but because our hearts are uneasy we slept poorly
With thankful hearts~ we’ll be leaving.
We’ll come back with a pretty form🌸
#HusbandReveal 🙊

narsha81: 사람들이 자꾸 남편한테 길을물어봐요 . 한국사람인데..
People keep asking my husband for directions . But he’s Korean..

narsha81: 짠-신부대기실에서 촬영끝나고 휴식중 ㅡ 피부는 언제까지까매질것인가.. 이마엔 화상.🔥
tada-The bride is resting in the waiting room after the shooting has ended ㅡ for how long will my skin stay tan.. my forehead is burning.🔥

narsha81: 혼자보기아까운사진들이 너-무많아서 앞으로 사진 엄청올릴건데.. 헷🌝
라디그섬에선 대부분의 모든 사람들이 교통수단으로 자전거를 사용하기때문에 라디그에갈분들은 자전거연습해서가도록요 ㅎ 두발자전거는 기어 가있고 폼나는대신 저같은 겁쟁이는 밤에 가로등하나없는 라디그에선 사용불가라ㅡ 가격은 2배지만 안전하고 다소 초보티나는 세발을 추천.#안전제일🔦
It would be a shame to not share photos with you-There will be a lot of photos that I’ll be uploading from now on.. het🌝
In the island of La Digue, the mode of transportation for most people is with a bicycle, so people that visit La Digue can practice riding a bicycle ㅎ You can go with a two-wheeled bicycle, or be in my cowardly class. Instead of using a two-wheeled bicycle, you can just be in my cowardly class and during the night, La Digue doesn’t use treetlightsㅡEven though the price is double, it’s somewhat safer, and recommended for beginners, to use the three-wheeled bikes..#SafetyFirst🔦

narsha81: 상점은 오후4시면문을닫고 해지면 고요한 이곳에서의규칙적인 생활습관이적응되서 지금은 10시만되면 세상졸림💤오늘폭풍업뎃은 ..일단자자! 결론은 기승전 라디그- 감동감동감동👍🏼
The stores close at four in the afternoon and the silence is normal at this place. I’m adapting to the living habits here, and now at 10 the world is sleepy💤It’s been a stormy update today ..first let’s sleep! The reason for us being at La Digue is for our marriage- I’m touched by emotion👍🏼

narsha81: 세이셀 마헤섬의 수도 빅토리아 시내구경간날 ㅡ 초미니사이즈의 수도 라 끝에서끝까지둘러보는데 1-2시간?.
유명하다는 시계탑 이니 나도한장📸
I took a day tour of Victoria, the capital of Seychelles ㅡ The capital is micro-sized so to look around it only took about 1-2 hours?
It’s famous for its clock tower, get a picture of me too 📸

narsha81: 일용할 양식 찾으러 시내구석구석찾아다니는중#역시내남편은사진도잘찍어🤔
Everyday style while searching through ever corner of downtown#AsExpectedMyHusbandKnowsHowToTakeGoodPictures🤔

narsha81: 이날까지만해도 썬크림을 바르지않은 후폭풍은 1도 모르고 마냥 신났지.그래도 신이가나는걸어뜨케 ! 더많이 보고 듣고 즐기고 느끼고 가야지 #한국가면엄마가알아볼까?.
I have not heavily covered myself with sunscreen, until this very day, and I didn’t know one degree about it so I’m excited.However, I don’t know what to do with this excitement ! There’s still a lot to see, listen, enjoy and experience #IfIGoToKoreaWillMyMomKnow?.

narsha81: 있을때최선을다해서먹자🍔#못생김은덤
Now that I’ve done my best, let’s eat🍔#UglyFace

narsha81: 이 돌이 원래붙어있던건데 내가 밀어서 열어놓은거야 . #사랑의힘👊🏻
This rock was originally one piece, but I pushed it open. #ThePowerOfLove👊🏻

source: narsha81 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10), translation: fybeg (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Tags: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧, brown eyed girls, marriage, narsha
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