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Shin Yong Jae releases new mini-album "Empathy"

4MEN's Shin Yong Jae just released his 2nd solo mini-album "Empathy" on the October 13th. It contains 5 tracks with the lead single titled "Lean on."

[Live version of Lean On]

[The album][Time stamps for each track]
0:00 Lean On/빌려줄게
3:32 Pulse/맥박
7:18 Soliloquy/혼잣말
11:10 Earth and Moon/지구와 달
15:05 Wall clock/벽시계

Omona isn't big on ballad singers but I am! Shin Yong Jae is one of my favorites because his vocal tone is so nice. It's an album perfect for late night listening. I am in love with 'Soliloquy' and 'Earth and Moon'. 4MEN usually charts well and Lean On is currently number 8 on the melon chart.
Sources: 1THEK 1, 2|SunSkyDragon_WW_88
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