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New teenaged boy group The East Light to debut in November

On October 11, The East Light released their first official teaser image for their debut. The image shows the silhouettes of the five members with a date of November 3 as their debut date.

Each member has had pre-debut experience, whether through audition programs, movies or variety shows.

Member Lee Seok Cheol has appeared in the 2014 movie “My Boy” alongside Cha In Pyo. Kim Jun Wook guested on the SBS variety show “Star King” as a thirteen-year-old guitar prodigy, and Lee Eun Sung appeared on the Mnet variety show “Voice Kids.” Jung Sa Kang has been known as the “mini Jung Joon Young” and Lee Seung Hyun has been acknowledged for his skills at various competitions and concerts.

The East Light’s agency Media Line announced, “The average age of The East Line is fifteen years old. They are a dance group with the talents to open a new paradigm in the idol market. Although their age may be young, their skills are not.”

The group has 5 members: drummer Lee Seok Cheol, guitarist Kim Jun Wook, bassist Lee Seung Hyun, and vocalists Lee Eun Sung and Jung Sa Kang. They have posted a bunch of videos on their youtube channel.

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nct dream's impact!
i'm jk. they were at asia song festival and seem super talented. i can't find a video of it unfortunately but you can watch it on the ASF stream @ 43:50. they played uptown funk and one of their songs. dance group tho?? they're seem more like a band to me?
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