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[UPDATED] OP princesses suffered a small car accident on the way to their schedule


[INFO] Mamamoo suffered a small car accident on the way to their schedule.
They went to the hospital for a physical check and are fine.
After they checked in the hospital, they were going to participate in the event, but due to insufficient time, they decided not to.

[Solar message to Moomoos]Solar's message to Moomoos

Hi Moomoos hehe our Moomoos seem to be very worried so after giving much thought on what I should do, I just came right away to see you~ Since the members all hold the same feelings, I came here to find Moomoos as the representative.

First of all, do not worry because everyone is okay ^^ Our company was very worried about us and suggested that we go to the hospital, the doctors said we are fine too hehe.

Therefore, because of Moomoos who always go through a lot with us and cheer for us during every events and festival, we thought we should go and perform after, but we were told that the event was delayed too much already ㅠㅠ So as we were thinking about how Moomoos who came have to return home, we felt so sorry and concerned..

Long story short, we just felt sorry because you were not able to see Mamamoo perform on stage today. We felt sorry that those Moomoos who came could not see us, and also thankful to Moomoos who were worried about us ㅠㅠ Since we are fine, we wanted to let you know not to worry about us, and that’s why I came here like this hehe. I am sorry..ㅠㅠ In the future, we will work hard to only give you good news, and make sure not to worry you!!

Since I have to meet Moomoos with a prettier side, I should go sleep now. Moomoos, goodnight~

(I could have written this simply on the Daily Memo but due to the word limits, I posted it here instead.. Please understandㅠ.ㅠ)”

© translated by tgc. / realladymoo
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