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some interesting facts regarding idol contracts

There are 1236 idols and trainees who have signed on to a contract:
- slightly over 40% signs onto "slave" contract 5 years or longer
- by age
over 20: 853
16-19: 231
13-15: 83
10-12: 23
below 10: 9
- average contract length is 3 years and 5 months
- average cost per idol per month is 1,470,000₩(~$1,300USD)

Contract lengths from the big 6 companies:
SM: 7 years
YG: 5 years
JYP: 7 years
FNC: 7 years
Cube: 7 years
DSP: 5 years

sources: 연합뉴스 TV youtube, comment section of asianjunkie 1 & 2

found these in the comment section of asianjunkie and thought it was really interesting. also i didn't know how to tag this so i just tagged the big companies
Tags: cube entertainment, dsp entertainment, fnc entertainment, jyp entertainment, sm entertainment
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