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BEAST’s contract with its label, Cube Entertainment, is set to end soon in October, but there has been no contract renewal yet, according to a local news source.

BEAST’s contract will end mid-October, and according to Star News, none of the members have signed a renewal contract with the agency yet. They know the terms for the renewal and it is just up to them now to sign or not.

It is speculated that BEAST has the option to sign again with the agency that created them, sign with another agency, or set up their own like the way veteran K-pop group Shinhwa had.

BEAST debuted in 2009 with the the single “Bad Girl.” Most recently, they released their third studio album, “Highlight,” with the title track “”Ribbon.”

What do you think BEAST should do?

Doojoon hints about Beast's contract on latest IG post

YDJ: Busan is so far.. Thank you to all people who came today.. We're going to have our 7th anniversary soon, a lot of things are going to change so I hope all you are able to get used to it!!! Thanks Beauty Beast.. You all have done such a great job!!

The point of that caption is 'a lot of things are going to change' ....????????

I hope they'll decide to end their contract with Cube..

- Please don't renew your contracts..

- I'm not their fan but I really hope they'll decide to not renew the contract..

- Please end your contract.. Please..

- Hul.. I hope they'll decide to end their contract with Cube and sign a new contract with another agency and do activities as Beast for a really really long timeㅠㅠ

- Whoa.. Please get out from Cube as soon as you can..

- My heart is beating so fast.. Huk.. Huk..

- I hope they'll find a better agency, if they decide to leave Cube!

- Beast, you've done a really great job for the past 7 years!! It must be really hard to work in a company that doesn't do their own workㅠㅠ Let's live comfortably from now on..

- I will support them whether if they decide to leave, or renew their contract with Cubeㅠㅠ

- Hul.. I would really love it if they leave Cube, but what are they going to do with their name..ㅠㅠ I heard they have to buy their 'Beast' name if they decide to leave Cubeㅠㅠ

- I would be really happy if they leave Cube!!!

- I'm not their fan but I really hope they will decide to leave Cube and find a really better agency that knows how to treat them right,,

- Please leave Cube..!!

- They're Beast.. They will get a much better treatment in other agency if they leave Cube..

- Let's get out from Cubeㅠㅠ Please..ㅠㅠ

- Leave Cube! Leave Cube! Leave Cube!!!!

- Let's fly higherㅠㅠㅠ I love you~~

- Oh yes!! It's a party!!!

- Hurray, hurray! Beast is going to leave Cube!!

- I have a feeling they're going to leave Cube..

- Please leave Cube!! I hope they will announce it on their 7th anniversary tomorrow..ㅠㅠ

sources: pannative + instiz + soompi + star.mt

akpoop published a story last week, saying that cube has offered ALL 6 (former AND current) members a renewed contract
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