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Choi Minho About His Acting Career: I will make the label 'idol turned actor' into an advantage"


Last week he walked on the BIFF red carpet for the first time for his movie Canola

Choi Minho “Confidence over fear, I will take my time

The film that portrays runaway teenagers’ wandering without care and the dark world of adults is the first work SHINee Minho challenges himself with the name ‘Actor Choi Minho’ as the leading role. His strong determination of “I will make the label of an actor from idol into an advantage, not a disadvantage” was impressive. Choi Minho’s sturdy pure love is shown through the troubled boy in the back alley, Jin-il, strengthens his basis.

This must be your first time being officially invited to the film festival. How do you feel after stepping on the Red Carpet?
M: I have been here to present the awards but Busan Film Festival is my first time of being officially invited for my work. It was a red carpet that I always dreamed of so the atmosphere seemed a little different from other red carpets (laughs). I am thankful for the fact that I am able to attend.

It’s your first time acting a leading role in a film through . Did you join after going through an audition?
M: My acting teacher said there’s a good script and the script that teacher handed me asking me to read it regardless of making an appearance or not was . Just in time, the role of Jin-il was unoccupied and I wanted to play it so much after reading the script. My company actively encouraged me to act at that time too so I was able to meet with the director Lee Seong Tae.

The character of Jin-il is the complete opposite of the image of ‘SHINee Minho’. It must have been a burden to not only play the leading role for the first time but also a fierce character.
M: I actually thought my company won’t approve. (laughs) If things go wrong, then everything that I have achieved so far might collapse. But my curiosity for the movie and the character was bigger than that fear. Jin-il is a character commits aberrant acts every day but he has a sense of pureness of protecting his friends. I was curious on how I would look like if I played this kind of character. I also wanted to work with Ma Dong Seok sunbae too.

I want to know how you approached your character Jin-il. It must have been hard to identify yourself with him.
M: I think the leading role of a film needs a power that can captivate the audience throughout running time. I joined this work while I was thinking about how to express that kind of charm. I had lots of worries but I communicated with the director from first and last. He listened to my words one by one and gave explanations. At first, it was hard to sympathize with him because Jin-il and I were so different. I was really having a ‘mental breakdown’. (laughs) I tried to think and act like Jin-il as much as I can from months before the filming. I learned how to smoke for the first time to become Jin-il too. For me, that was the most aberrant act that I have ever done.

What kind of sunbae was Ma Dong Seok? You must have needed a lot of advices from the acting of emotions to action.
M: He is a sunbae who approaches hoobae first. He gave a lot of advice on every little details ever since the preparation of the filming. We were shooting an action scene in cold winters and he only worried about me not even letting his tiredness show. So, the filming atmosphere was comfortable too thanks to him. I am really thankful for it.

Was there any special tip that Ma Dong Seok gave for action acting?
M: He told me to avoid well. (laughs) Sunbae was a real expert so he let me know the movements according to the camera angle. I think the martial arts director filmed more comfortable too when there was Ma Dong Seok sunbae. There was a scene where Ma Dong Seok grabbed me by the collar and even by that my lips busted a little. If I were to be really hit by him, I wouldn’t be here. (laughs)

There are only bad adults in the surrounding of the troubled teenagers in Two Men. Which part will the audience be able to sympathize with?
M: I felt that Jin-il is fighting alone to speak for the troubled teenagers. He was representing the teenagers and making a protest saying ‘We are not young and adults won’t listen to us, so that’s why we look like we are behaving as we please’. The reason why teenagers are rejecting the help even when they need to be taken care of is perhaps because of their pain and a sense of alienation.

Isn’t it awkward and uncomfortable to watch your own acting just like any other rookie actors?
M: It was like that before but I overcome that feeling at some point. It feels regretful rather than uncomfortable now. Regretful as in ‘I should have tried this way or that way’. I think I learn things one by one through this feeling.

I am curious on how long you have wanted to become an actor. Did you dream of becoming an actor before becoming an idol?
M: I really love watching films. I frequently went to cinemas when I was young too. I had a vague thought of wanting to become a movie actor when I was in 1st year of middle school. It was really vague but after watching other actors who were good at acting after I made a debut as SHINee, I felt a sense of anxiety thinking ‘Will I be able to do like that too?’. The moment that I gained confidence was when I realized that I needed to leave myself on the screen and on dramas as much I can when I’m young. They say you won’t have regrets later on if you have tried many things when you’re young. To not shrink into myself and be confident, I think I should build up experiences that I can learn from it.

I think your determination and fun in acting is bigger than fear.
M: It’s a lie if I say that I am not scared of being criticized for doing badly. But I think it’s something that I should put up with. It’s only right to acknowledge what I’m lacking and correct it. Of course, everyone wants to do well from the start. But I don’t think I’m gifted that much so I need a lot of experience. It is physically strenuous to manage SHINee activities at the same time but I really enjoy the acting site. I feel alive when I’m on site.

The fun in being on stage as SHINee and acting on camera, how is that different?
M: Both are thrilling but I think the process is different. To make a comparison with maths, it’s like the answers are the same but the equation is different. There’s a sense of being deeply moved when I prepare hard before going up on stage and presenting it to the fans. For acting, I feel deeply moved by the reactions of the people around when the work that I worked hard for is released. It’s same but different, and different but same. (laughs)

The prejudice that follows like a label to actors from idols is also a matter you must overcome with.
M: I think a label could actually become an advantage, not a disadvantage. Many people would think ‘Let’s see how well he does’ when they look at me acting but if I were to do really well then they might look at me more positively. It’s up to my ability to change that perception. Thinking positively, I think it’s an advantageous point if I compare it with other actors.

It’s good to see that you’re so positive.
M: That’s right. It would be hard to work if I’m not like that. I am a really positive person so I am able to think like that but I think friends of my age are feeling stressed. But there are lots of advantages if you just change your perspective a little and see it from a different angle.

SHINee has already reached the top in the music industry. Do you feel the desire to establish yourself as an actor quickly too?
M: I want to go slowly. I wonder whether I really deserve this big amount of love while working as SHINee and feel really thankful. To think ‘I should become successful quickly’ while acting too feels like greed. I think there are many things that I will miss if I go quickly. I think experience is the most important thing when it comes to acting. So perhaps I can become a trustworthy actor if I go slowly and embrace many experiences

Since we are talking about BIFF let's check out Minho's look for the red carpet:

Omona just let this silver(ish) haired prince get into your bias list
Wait ... did you just said no??
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