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✨Omona Census Survey Results!!!✨

HEY OMONA!! It's done! 1163 of you lovely Omonians and readers took the survey, and the results are in! Let's take a look at how Omona has changed (or not) over the last 3 years:


[General Data]General Data
The first thing to note is that this year we only had 1163 participants. Less than half of the 2639 that answered the last survey in 2013.
Most of our fellow Omonians and readers fall in the 18-24 age bracket, but not surprisingly the community as a whole are a lot older now than we were in 2013. 42.3% of us fall into the 25-34 age bracket in 2016 while only 26% of Omonians did in 2013. (Hi fellow olds! <3)

[2013 results]
Not a lot has changed with regards to the gender of our readership & users. 93% of Omonians identify as Female while we had a significant decrease in our Male population.

[2013 results]
In the year 2016 Omona is gayer than ever! Only 53.2% identify as straight this year compared to the 73% of 2013. (s/o to my fellow Bi babes out there!)

[2013 results]
Relationship Status
Omona is Sexy, Free, & Single! Ready to Bingo?

Employment Status

Race or Ethnicity

[2013 results]
Current Region of Residence
So where do the Omonians live?

Do you know/are you learning Korean?
It's interesting to learn that a lot of us picked up some of the Korean language along the way. Has getting into Kpop ever made you want to visit Korea? Have you answered our dear lysblack's survey about it? Details here.

Where do you usually get your Korean pop culture news?
It's nice to know that we're your number 1 source for your Hallyu news needs.

How did you find out about Omona?
Hooray for Omona showing up when people search for KPop sites! We're glad you're here no matter how you found us.

[2013 results]
How often do you visit Omona?

How many hours do you spend on Omona?
The '3+ hours' answers are probably the mods. We're on pretty much all day to help you guys out so don't hesitate to send us a message if you need help. (You can find the list of mods/maintainers on the Omonatheydidnt Profile Page)

[2013 results]
How do you stay updated on new Omona posts?
Majority of you still prefer to get your news straight from the source.

[2013 results]
Have you ever recommended Omona to your Kpop loving peers?

[2013 results]
Are you a member of the Omonatheydidnt Livejournal Community?
Some would say that Livejournal is a dying platform, but we say it's totally still relevant. lol. If you want to get in on the fun there are links on how to join the comm at the bottom of this post.

[2013 results]

[Just Comm Member Things]Just Comm Member Things
If you answered 'Yes' to being a member of the OMNTD LJ Community you were brought to an extra page of questions regarding comm life. Here are the results:
How long have you been a member of Omona?

How often do you comment?
Way too many of you have said that you're too shy/intimidated to comment! Don't be! Omona is a place to share and discuss your faves. As long as you don't intend to antagonize, you'll be fine. :)

How often do you submit posts?
Omona runs on member contributions, without you we'd have nothing. So if you don't contribute, you can't complain about not seeing the posts or content that you want to see. We've put a link to instructions on how to make posts below. :)

Have you made friends on Omona?
Making friends isn't easy, and sometimes not really a priority, but most people on Omona are nice and friendly. Just send someone a message. Who knows, you might just find your new best friend here!

[2013 results]
Do you find making friends within the community difficult?
Worry not! We heard you and we'll be bringing some friending memes back soonest.

FAQs & Comments

[Things you wanted to know and see on Omona]
Why are there long periods of no posts? You need more mods!
We don't really need more mods, sometimes there just isn't any news or anything in the queue for hours. Sorry.
There's too many KPOP posts!
Omona was built on kpop. We don't know what to tell you...
More updates! More posts!! More content!!!
How To Make a Post. A helpful tip: Include stimulating questions at the end of your post to encourage discussion. :)
[No idea what to post about?]Here are some helpful topic suggestions that you guys have submitted:
- Music Recommendation Posts
- Korean Culture and/or Folklore
- Korean Beauty, Skincare, and/or Fashion
- K-Dramas & K-Movies
- Serious Korean News ie. The Sheet Mask Scandal, Modern Hanboks
- What happens at KCon other than the concerts?
- Random Featured Groups Each Month
- Music Show Round-Ups
- News on Korean Actors
- Pimp Posts
- Throwback Posts

More contests and engaging activities! More Omona originals! More discussion posts!
Omona is always open to members' original posts! If you have an idea for an original post, feel free to hit up a mod so that we can discuss it and help you out. :)
"y'all need to chill"
This is the internet and in essence people are allowed to say/do what they want. But also, maybe we can all try to be a little nicer when we post comments, okay? We're all here because we love Korean Pop Culture and it would be nice if we could make this a safe space for discussions. Drama is fun, but it does get tiring.

If you see users causing trouble don't hesitate to report them to one of our friendly neighborhood OPD Mods: opd_devil, opd_caya, opd_gyoza, opd_onewudidnt, opd_sith, opd_songbird

Helpful Links

How To Join Omona!
Membership is currently OPEN! (but still moderated of course) Come on in!

How To Make Posts!
Omona is what the members make it by what they submit. The best way to see posts that you want to see is to make a post yourself. It's so easy! :)

Thank you so much for participating! We hope that this info is useful and/or interesting for you. Feel free to discuss the results down in the comments. Or if you're one of our shy friends, come in and say Hi! Let's celebrate Omona going strong since 2009!!

just gonna keep this pinned for a day. it took too long for me to make this for you not to see it. lol
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