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BIGBANG10 A to Z The Collection Photobook

For the 10th anniversary of BIGBANG’s debut, BIGBANG10 THE COLLECTION : 'A TO Z’ photo book will be released! The photo book includes new photos shot from last March to June in order to show you images of BIGBANG that you haven’t seen before. It also includes an eco bag and a never before-released making film of the BIGBANG photo book. So don’t miss it!

•Pre-release @ S-FACTORY : 2016.10.19(WED) ~ 10.23(SUN)
•Pre-order Date : 2016.10.19(WED) ~ 10.24(MON)
•Release Date : 2016.10.25(TUE)

"First off, how dare you start it off like that without warning me first, Jesus Christ. Second, that album is 13 months and 17 days late. Third, do you think you can pacify VIPs with more expensive merch like this just because we are so thirsty and desperate for any new Big Bang material?" OP angrily mumbles to herself as she emails her local KPop music shop to make sure they'll have this in stock next week.

BigBangYT & fybig-bang
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