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BTS Chart Round-Up: WINGS Sets Several New Billboard Records + more!

BTS' 'Wings' Sets New U.S. Record for Highest-Charting, Best-Selling K-Pop Album

BTS' new album Wings is flying high above all previous K-pop records on the Billboard 200.

The Korean boy band's second full-length album debuts at No. 26 on the Billboard 200 chart with 16,000 units earned in the week ending Oct. 13, according to Nielsen Music. Of that sum, 11,000 were in traditional album sales.

Those figures mark the best week ever for a K-pop album. Previously, 2NE1's Crush held the highest chart rank for a K-pop act (No. 61 with the 2014 album Crush) and EXO logged the best sales frame (6,000 sold in the first week for 2015's Exodus).

BTS is now the first K-pop act to log three entries on the Billboard 200 after sending their EP The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2 to No. 171 in December 2015, and compilation album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever to No. 107 in May. Previously, the band had been tied with G-Dragon, who also had two entries on the ranking. To date, less than a dozen K-pop acts have sent albums to the Billboard 200.

Since their debut, BTS has stood out in the K-pop scene for tackling social and society issues in their music. Wings takes that dedication a step further by delving into the more complex issues in their young-adult lives including tackling mental health (see the sample-heavy "Am I Wrong"), taking digs at the Korean-pop idol scene (on the aggressive "2! 3!"), and even deliver a female-empowerment anthem ("21st Century Girls"), all over bombastic, hard-hitting hip-hop-heavy dance beats.

The band's accessibility is probably best felt in the lead single "Blood Sweat & Tears" that brings lyrics of a life-altering relationship with a Major Lazer-esque beat that one would expect Justin Bieber to jump on these days.

Wings rules over multiple Billboard charts this week. This includes BTS scoring their second No. 1 on the World Albums chart (extending their reign as the K-pop act with the most weeks at No. 1 on the tally to five weeks), and all 15 Wings tracks debut on the World Digital Songs chart with "Blood Sweat & Tears" earning the band their second No. 1 on the chart. The BTS fervor is even reaching Canada, as Wings hits No. 19* on the Canadian Albums chart, besting K-pop's previous highest ranking on that chart, also set by BTS, when the Young Forever album peaked at No. 99.

All Billboard charts refresh Tuesday morning on Billboard.com.




Source: Billboard
*OP: the Canadian Album charts say 19 not 16, so I corrected it in the article.

📈 [161014] NAVER/10ASIA ARTICLE 📈

The Records Set by 'WINGS'

BTS has unified the world. The thing is, they’re waving the 'WINGS' flag of BTS internationally.

Immediately after the release of their second full length album 'WINGS' on the past 10th, BTS, who has just officially begun their comeback activities, rose to number 1 on the leading Korean music charts with their title song 'Blood Sweat & Tears' and placed all of the tracks from their album in the top ranks.

This isn't only happening in Korea. Up to this point, they’ve achieved the first place spot tens of times. Anywhere in the world where you’re able to listen to BTS' songs, they confidently plant their first place flag.

These are the records that BTS has set in the past four days with 'WINGS.' We've organized it into a so-called 'BTS MAP.'

Picture= the nations that BTS ‘WINGS’ placed 1st in, BTS MAP

1st Place in 59 Countries… The First and Most

Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Romania, Malaysia, Singapore, Peru, Hong King, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Latvia, Chile, Ireland, Russia, Slovenia, Brunei, Israel, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, United States, Laos, Poland, Luxembourg, Philippines, Spain, Austria, Costa Rica, Portugal, Greece, England, Swiss, Lithuania, Netherlands, Belarus, Ukraine, Malta, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Columbia, Nicaragua, Hungary, Italy, France, China, Cambodia, Macao, Sri Lanka, Japan.

These are the 59 nations where BTS achieved first place with ‘WINGS.’ In the countries mentioned above, BTS swept first place on a total of 97 charts, including iTunes’ overall Singles, Album, and Hip-Hop Album Charts.

Moreover, BTS is the first K-POP artist to take first place on the Top Singles Chart from iTunes, the biggest music sales market in the world, with their full length song.

There have been Korean artists in the past who’ve achieved first place in the genre of K-POP on the US iTunes Chart, but BTS is the first to get first on the Top Album Chart.

[📰 Article Continued: More on Their Chart Performances + Records (as of Oct. 14)]
Picture= after release of ‘WINGS’ lined Melon Chart, with 'FIRE' also rising

◆The Longest Lineup of Songs in History… 'FIRE' following is a bonus

With the release of ‘WINGS,’ their title song 'Blood Sweat & Tears' conquered first place on 8 Korean music charts including Melon, Mnet, and Olleh.

Not only that, but the 15 songs that comprised the album lined the ranks from 1st to 15th. In the modern music industry, where the placements for songs are always changing in real time, it is a noteworthy performance that for five hours, all of the songs from their album lined the charts.

More than anything, this is the most number of songs on a music chart in history. Even their title song from a previous album, ‘FIRE,’ rose to 16th place, and the charts were plated with BTS’ name.

It is a massive record that will not be broken in a long while.

Picture= US Apple Music K-Pop Chart

◆'Lining Up' Abroad… First to place 1st~15th on US Apple Music K-POP Chart

BTS' ability to line up the music charts wasn't limited to Korea.

BTS achieved 1st on the US Apple Music Top Song Chart and managed to line up 1st to 15th on the K-POP Genre Top Song Chart.

According to the chart, their title track 'Blood Sweat & Tears' took 1st place, followed by ‘LIE,’ ‘BEGIN,’ ‘STIGMA,’ and more solo songs, with the last being ‘Interlude: Wings’ at 15th place, prevailing on the Apple Music K-POP Chart with all of their songs from the album.

BTS is also the first to line up their songs on the foreign Apple Music Chart.

Picture= BTS ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ M/V

◆‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ M/V… The Fastest to Hit 10 Million Views Among K-POP Groups

After being released on BigHit Entertainment’s official YouTube channel on the 10th at 12 AM, the music video for ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ reached 1 million views after six hours and broke 5 million after 18 hours.

Following that, 41 hours after its release at 5 PM on the 11th, it broke through 10 million views.

Excluding PSY, BTS is the second among K-POP artists, and at the same time, the first among K-POP groups. Currently, as of the 14th, they are awaiting the record for the fastest to reach 20 million views.

Picture= BTS, mentioned in SWISS SRF

◆The Whole World is Paying Attention… Billboard ·Fuse TV ·iHeartRadio ·Swiss

These records set by BTS is also being watched from abroad.

Firstly, the influential US media entity Billboard stated, "2016 has been a big year for BTS already," and announced that their 2nd full length album both showcased each members' musical growth as artists and publicized the immense popularity of K-POP to the entire world.

They further stated that 'WINGS,' immediately upon its release, subdued the top spot of iTunes' Singles Chart, as wells as broke the various records that BTS had previously set on the Billboard Chart, showing their strong anticipation for the group.

Fuse TV also stated, "'WINGS' could mark a major moment for BTS as they look to make chart history for Korean acts in America if they land a third album on [Billboard Chart]," and the chances of this occurring are increased by the fact that they’ve already taken first place on the overall US iTunes Top Album Chart and is within 30th place on the Top Singles Chart.

The popular US radio service iHeartRadio mentioned, "BTS is back and they're better than ever." They continued, explaining that although there are departures from their previous tracks, BTS still kept their "Bangtan-style," expressing that it is cause for growing interest.

SRF, a Swiss national media, also published a column unusually titled, "Will BTS be the next Gangnam Style?" and conveyed their interest in BTS.

SRF stated, "The whole world is restless because of one K-POP song. That song is 'Blood Sweat & Tears' by the Korean boy group BTS, and along with this title track, the other songs from their album are gradually taking over the many music charts from all over the world," and exhibited their surprise at the force of the boy group BTS who is conquering music charts internationally.

Source: Naver Entertainment
Trans cr; Jenny @ fy-jiminnie
Take out with full credit, please.


SOURCE: Billboard | fy-jiminnie (via Naver/10Asia) | gif: yoonmin
Congrats bbs, I'm so proud! (and overwhelmed!)
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