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Jinjja Cha Podcast: Emotional Rollercoaster 48

We’re back with an extra long show and we discussed hot topics for an hour!
We discussed:
Spectacular (from Pretty Ricky) gets engaged.
Girl Davis gets a follow from Marisa Mendez
Se7en stays lyin’
Zico’s Vs his Brother and Off-brand siblings
Jessi’s 10 suitors
YG stays being a deadbeat dad/Winner/BlackPink/AKMU and Big Bang updates
SHINee talk
Jay Park’s secret altruism
& much more
Why You Gotta Be Anonymous? (We answered your listener letters)
BTS album review! It’s long and emotional
Ending song: Stand For-Ty Dolla $ign
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Contact us: jinjjacha@gmail.com
Find April @ pinkfashioninja
Find Girl Davis @ G_Davis86
Thanks everyone for all their support and for helping us get to episode 48!
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