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Slay Generation ranks 4th highest grossing girl group tour in the world

Imagine a world without girl groups, well, no don’t imagine that. Imagine a world without no concert tours; that in itself sounds absolutely devastating. But not to worry, even if you haven’t seen your favorite girl group in concert, you might want to know how well their tours have done in terms of total gross.

With some box office research provided by Billboard and Pollstar, we’ve been able to compile a list of the 10 highest grossing girl group tours of all time. This means we’re including every girl group around the world!

Let’s see if your predictions are as accurate! Here goes!

10) PCD – Doll Domination Tour – 14.3 million
The Pussycat Dolls are one of the best selling girl groups of all time with sales of over 50 million. According to a 2009 Billboard Office Score report, they made Billboard’s “Mid-Year List Of Top 25 Tours where data was collected between December 6, 2008 through June 20, 2009”. The Pussycat Dolls were listed at number 25 with a gross of $14.3 million.

9) SNSD – “Girls and Peace” World Tour – 14.97 million
SNSD, otherwise known as Girls’ Generation, are a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop world. With only a mere 10 total dates, the group were able to gross approximately 14.97 million dollars. Their biggest revenue was as the AsiaWorld Arena in China where they grossed in that date alone, over 3.4 million!

8) SNSD – The First Japan Arena Tour – 14.98 million
The First Japan Arena Tour was SNSD’s first ever Japanese tour! It only consisted of six tour dates and the highest grossing revenue came in from Tokyo, Japan at the Yoyogi National Museum.

7) SNSD II: -Girls & Peace- 2nd Japan Tour – 21.5 million
Another spot, another SNSD success! After the success of their first Japan tour, they went for a second one in order to promote their second Japanese album, Girls & Peace. Having an additional four more dates from their previous Japan tour, the girls were able to gross well over 20 million! They performed three times at the Saitama Super Arena, all grossing individually over 8.9 million!

6) SNSD Phantasia Tour – 22.3 million
Being there most recent tour, the girl group traveled through Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and of course their native land South Korea. With 7 tour dates planned throughout a whole year, 22.3 million isn’t too shabby isn’t it?

5) Little Mix – Get Weird Tour – 24.5 million (OP note: #buyshoutouttomyexonitunes)
British girl group Little Mix takes the #5 spot! Playing a total of 60 shows, the U.K. powerhouse act fulfilled their dream of a worldwide tour despite not hitting every area around the world such as North & South America. Nonetheless, their 24.5 grossing total proves their certainly one of the worlds biggest girl groups.

4) SNSD – Love & Peace Japan 3rd Tour – 31.6 million
SNSD again? We told you – they’re a force to be reckoned with!

3) Spice Girls – The Return Of The Spice Girls World Tour – 70 million
Girl power came, then left, then came back again with a glorious fury! The best selling girl group of all time weren’t calling it quits just yet! Billboard noted that the quarter’s reunion tour “won the 2008 Billboard Touring Award for Top Boxscore for a 17-night stand at London’s The O2 Arena”. Anyway, racking over 70 million is a pretty nice treat, especially for a reunion tour.

2) Destiny’s Child – Destiny Fulfilled…and Lovin’ It Tour – 70.8 million
While they were once opening acts for TLC (*spoiler alert*), Destiny’s Child proved to be a rather successful R&B girl group. The media may have heckled them with their early split decisions and removal of some past members, but the girl group continued and are now recognized as one of the greatest musical trios of all time. It’s not every year you gross over 70.8 million dollars!

1) TLC – FanMail Tour – 82.9 million
TLC’s FanMail Tour remains the highest and best selling girl group tour of all time. Although the group had to cancel and reschedule a numerous amount of shows, their effective popularity didn’t stop fans from attending other set dates. Opening acts included Destiny’s Child, Christina Aguilera, Marc Nelson, etc. All hail the ultimate R&B queens!

Honorable Mentions:

- Girls Aloud “Out Of Control Tour”: grossed 14 million+ with 6.5 million+ from Manchester Arena.

- 2NE1 “New Evolution Global Tour” = Over 219,680+ in attendance.

Netizens react:

Article: [Exclusive] SNSD ranks 4th highest grossing girl group tours in the world... $31.6 million!

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+873, -48] SNSD's class

2. [+645, -38] Their class will be forever ㅎㅎ amazing!!!!

3. [+686, -56] Korea's one top girl group

4. [+590, -39] It is girl's generation!!!!

5. [+650, -104] People keep saying no but they're still SNSD

6. [+199, -13] The list ranks 1-10 but 5 of them are SNSD's tours ㅋㅋㅋ SNSD breaks their own records ㅋㅋㅋ If you read the article, they even write "SNSD again?" ㅋㅋㅋ I'm so proud of them ㅠㅠ

7. [+192, -13] As much as girl groups like to call themselves the trends lately, they can't live up to SNSD at their peak..

8. [+199, -16] I don't think there's yet been a girl group with as much of an impact as SNSD has had in visuals, concepts, music, dance, and fashion. Maybe even for a while.

9. [+196, -18] As expected of Korea's one top girl group

10. [+163, -8] Hul, 4th in the entire world, that's amazing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

sources: netizenbuzz sports donga celebmix


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