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SBS releases the first teaser for "The Legend of the Blue Sea" starring Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho

The new SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama stars Jeon Ji-hyun as the last mermaid on Earth, on the verge of extinction. The drama is the story of her devoted love that’s told in multiple timelines, and as we see in the show’s first teaser, both leads will be featured in both past and present. In the present day, Lee Min-ho plays a genius swindler with fellow conmen Lee Hee-joon (Yoo-na’s Street) and Shin (Big) by his side, and as the mermaid adjusts to life on land and encounters the swindler, romance and comedy will ensue.

The teaser points at a sad backstory for the mermaid, and a love that’s endured centuries. Jeon Ji-hyun narrates in voiceover, “But I will keep my promise. Whether a storm comes, whether no one is here and I am lonely, whether I am afraid because it’s a road I’ve never taken before, I will endure it all and go to you.

Legend of the Blue Sea will be a Wednesday-Thursday drama that follows Jealousy Incarnate, and premieres on November 16.

source: sbs, dramabeans
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