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1 Year With Twice Party!


On October 20th, 2015 Twice debuted with their mini-album "The Story Begins" and a year later they are gonna comeback with their third mini-album after breaking several records.

[365 days of miracles set by TWICE]

These Monster Rookies and their non-stop promotions have provide us a lot of material to enjoy and I wanted to share some of it with everyone as a way to celebrate their anniversary.


I made a selection of fancams, one for each member, based on what their stans seem to like more, the ones that show some of their strong points, and my own preferences.

Happy (Sixteen)
Nayeon's smile is one of her more charming points and this fancam when you can see her happy and playful on stage is perfect to show it.

I wanted to post these fancams because they really shocked everyone,
but I better just link them because they are too short:
Tell Me 1,and 2

Like Ooh Ahh
I felt a bit bad trying to choose a fancam for Jeongyeon because I couldn't think of one of her that had a big impact in the fandom, so I decided to just go for my favourite and to me she shined the most when they just debuted and I love her look here.

I'm Gonna Be A Star
If someone can make "IGBAS" look like a work of art that's Momo. With her dance moves and perfect fit body she made her stans appreciate even the most hated song in the fandom.

Who's Your Mama?
Everyone knows Sana for her cutie-sexy title, but she has much more opportunities to show her cute side. However I think this fancam from the JYP Nation concert it's a perfect demonstration of that double charm she has and how she can make both work at the same time. Well, and she also raps here.

Saturday Night and U Go Girl
I could not tell you why I love this fancam of Jihyo so much, it's probably her conficence, so I'm just going to let all of you watch it.

24 Hours
She is often considered a bit stiff dancing so I wanted to choose a fancam that shows her doing a style she is most comfortable with and also because I think this must be the favourite for all of her fans.

Cheer Up (go to 0:50)
Dahyun strongest point comes when she is doing variety and acting silly, but I wanted to post here a different side of her and decided for this fancam where she looks stunning with her hanbok. And also props to her for dancing with such a heavy dress and big high heels.

The Way You Love Me (Sixteen)
Her strong attitude is what makes Chaeyoung a good performer, but Twice concepts don't let her show it that much, so I decided to go for a sixteen performance.

Go Crazy!
I really love seeing Tzuyu being happy on stage, so I took another route with her fancam with one that is not exactly a performance but shows her having fun while smiling and waving to fans. That's when she looks the most beautiful.

[B-side tracks stages]

I think at this point we are all tired of listening to "Like Ooh-Ahh" and "Cheer Up!". Twice performs on festivals all the time but they only have two title tracks so we already know all the words and dance moves for those two. Now it's the perfect moment to watch the performances of their other tracks.

Do It Again
One of the songs JYP composed for Sixteen that end up with a Twice's version for their first mini-album.

Candy Boy
The song that inspired their lightstick.

One of the most loved B-side tracks.

Precious Love
(performed in front of Park Ji Yoon)
A remake of and old Park Ji Yoon's song that was originally composed by JYP. This remake has a rap part wrote by Chaeyoung.


They have done A LOT of covers, but really for a group that is only one year old they have too much of them. So I thought it would be a good idea to at least remember some of them again.

Daring Woman
I could listen to this song every day of my life a thousand times.

Fancam of a performance

Saturday Night + U Go Girl
This one is here more because they really seemed to enjoy doing it than anything else. At this point you probably already realized that Twice being happy while performing is what I love the most.

Bad Girl Good Girl + So Hot
Twice dancing to their sunbaes songs, there is nothing else that I need to say.

Other covers they have done or been part of: Uptown Funk, YMCA, Wonder Girls' Tell Me and Be My Baby, GOT7's Confession Song and Just Right, SNSD's Gee, GFriend's Me Gustas Tu, Sistar's Touch My Body and Loving U, 2PM's Hands Up and I Hate You, Suzy and Baekhyun's Dream, Baby VOX's Yayaya, Nami's Like an Indian Doll and don't forget they have some dance covers too.
If you want the link to any of this covers let me know ;)

[CF songs]

I don't know if someone is keeping the count of how many CFs they have, so I'm going to keep the list short and put only three of them, the longest ones with even their own songs.

KB Kookmin Bank

Lotte Duty Free

Nature Collection

Let the party start! Share your favorite fancams, the most sweet moments of the girls, the funniest gifs, more emotional moments, tell us when you became a fan, etc.

Also have some old posts to remember all their accomplishments:
First Perfect All Kill only 6 months after debut
They tie Wonder Girls record of weeks at the Melon Top 10
"Like Ooh-Ahh" is the most watched debut MV for a kpop group
"Cheer Up" is the fastest kpop group MV to surpass 75 million views
Twice sells 100k albums on Gaon | Twice sells 100k albums on Hanteo
Sha sha sha compilation
Tzuyu's Impact Part I, Part II, Part III

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I posted this also on oncefortwice if anyone wants to spam there ;) Join #TWICE1stAnniversary
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