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🍰 Visual Velvet for Ceci November 2016 🍰

[TRANS] Ceci November Issue

Seulgi, who is prettier because of her warm and healthy heart

I could hear a variety of voices when you sang ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ on ‘Masked Singer’.
Thank you. The appearance itself was a huge opportunity for me but hearing good reviews from many people gave me a lot of strength. It made me think about how I would like for more opportunities where I can let people hear me sing such as concerts or fan meetings. I want to prepare even more and show a different side of me.

‘Tell Me Your Wish’ was a song from an artist in your own company so wasn’t there even more burden?
When I first heard the suggestion from their staff, I thought at the same time that I could sing it well because it was my senior’s song, but also what would I do if I messed up because it was originally a song sung by many people. At first, when I practiced the re-arranged song with the band, my voice got buried. Which is why I purposely practiced singing it like a musical (t/n: over-doing it/over exaggerating her voice a little), and the positive responses gave me a sense of accomplishment. Because it meant my first interpreting of a song could connect with people.

To debut, while your individual effort is very important, the company’s well-made system played a big part as well. Have you ever thought about whether everything was an accomplishment made by you or a result of depending on your company’s power?
Of course. I think as more years past, this thought will increase as well. Eventually I’ll be thinking ‘Isn’t it about time I make my own production?’. But for now, well digesting the productions the company gives is a huge homework assignment. Even if I do well on just that, I think my senes of accomplishment will be big. Right now, pulling off the songs that are given to us is difficult enough which shows how much I’m lacking; I have to work even harder. Red Velvet’s color isn’t something I can make on my own.

The Seulgi I saw on TV seemed very adult-like. What do the people that know you say?
When I first debuted, I focused only on my own thoughts, and the decisions made on my own that I frequently heard that I was frustrating. Now I take in peoples’ advice and say ‘I can do it like this, and that could be correct as well’ which results in hearing [that I’m frustrating] way less. I think I’ve become a lot softer. I just hear ‘you have a good personality’ a lot (laughs).

It’s a lot more comfortable to live without much change in emtions.
That’s right. However, I’m just good at hiding it, and I tend to be pushed around by my feelings. Though upon facing similar situations as others, I think to myself ‘Is that really something to get that mad about?’. I came to a conclusion that if I think about it just a bit more then I can let it pass, and that helped calm my heart.

The staff members that have worked with you state that you have a good sense with photoshoots.
Photoshoots, beauty, fashion. After realizing that those three could never be separated from one another, I naturally started getting more interested. I can’t say that I’m phenomenal, but I have interest and work hard which is why those who see that as good compliment me. Red Velvet has showcased various concepts with each song, and I feel really happy whenever I hear that I pulled it off well. That happiness is what drives me to continue doing it. The same with photoshoots.

What compliment do you want to give yourself for successfully ending ‘Russian Roulette’ promotions?
At first, standing on stage was difficult, and I was always nervous that I would be captured on screen weirdly. Now I’ve managed to relax more, and I can act more natural in front of cameras which helps me promote with more joy. I want to compliment myself for being able to slowly show myself as I am more.

Lastly, is there anything you want to leave at Ceci? Anything is fine.
Although it seems a little too early to be saying this, I wish people would remember Red Velvet a lot. I want us to be the group that remains in people’s memories of 2016.

Yeri, who is pretty because she is confident, mature, and honest.

Last time you said you wanted to learn guitar. Did you start?
Yes. Thankfully, my fans gifted me a pink guitar for my birthday. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to play it yet, but the thought that I want to professionally learn continues to linger in my head. So far, all I know are a few chords that I’ve taught myself. I’m interested in composing/writing as well so I definitely want to learn guitar and piano.

Then can we expect you to be playing the guitar and singing as a singer-songwriter?
That’s right. It’s one of the few things I dream of.

I heard you’re a fan of actor Kang Dongwon. As a fan of someone else, you can probably understand your fan’s hearts.
That’s correct. I became a fan of Kang Dongwon after seeing ‘Temptation of Wolves’, and Jo Insung upon seeing ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’. His character within the drama was my ideal type of man. (t/n: it seems she is talking about Jo Insung because ‘Temptation of Wolves’ is a film.)

A man who’s been hurt? (laughs)
Whenever I say this, people ask back if I like a man who’s been hurt. I thought his character’s personality and characteristics was cool. It was a sort of refreshing shock. And after hearing that even on his days off he would come on-set and study his lines made him look cooler.

Seeing that your eyes sparkle, I think you have some ‘fan’ tendencies. You know how to deeply inspect the things you’re interested in.
That’s right. I like reading books a lot so recently I bought about ten books all at once. I bought it right before promotions started, however, so I haven’t been able to read them, but now that I have a bit more ease, I’m going to read each one.

I’m curious about your book shopping list.
Onari Yuko’s ‘Happy Question’ was the most memorable book to me. It was a thin story book so I read it right away. It consists of questions and answers that the married couple give and take to one another in various situations; the content is pretty and lovely. Additionally, I also bought ‘The Metamorphosis’ by Kafka and Lee Byung-ryul author’s book of essays ‘The Wind Blows, I Like You’.

Don’t you ever hear that you’re an adult-child (t/n: someone who is overly mature for their age).
I hear it a lot. I also hear that my image on television and my image when I’m directly talked to like now is different. My fans already know that I don’t have aegyo, and that sometimes I get tired of simply speaking. I’m the first born at home, and I’ve been a trainee since I was young which is why I think I’m like this.

Although you’ve become the celebrity that you’ve dreamed of, weren’t there times you were upset because of unexpected misunderstandings and unexplainable situations?
Everybody’s had upset times, and every person deals with it differently. There was a period when I couldn’t find that solution, and I found it hard to express my mind truthfully. But then one moment, my mind suddenly became organized. I became better after hearing from someone I know that it was like a flu shot. A shot hurts so it’d be nice if it could be avoided, but getting it is definitely helpful. It remained in my memory for a long time.

What compliment do you want to give yourself for successfully ending ‘Russian Roulette’ promotions?
You did well! (laughs) Actually, it wasn’t a satisfying time for me so there’s nothing I can compliment myself about.

Lastly, is there anything you want to leave at Ceci? Anything is fine.
Have you gotten your flu shots? Are you okay? (laughs) Because the cold winter is coming.

Wendy, who knows how to concentrate on the inside while spreading cheerful energy

When you were all reviewing the ‘Russian Roulette’ music video together, I laughed a lot at your humor. Were your variety show skills always this good?
To be truthful, they’ve gone down these days. (laughs) When we have a lot of schedules or our practice time gets long, everybody’s energy decreases, but there’s always one member at different times that’s full of energy. We’re delivering our own energy to one another. I wanted to play that part and maybe it’s because I’m from a foreign country, but my reactions were always a little bigger. In the past, it was so big that it was a burden, but now I’ve found my just right level.

Wendy’s daily spectrum seems wide as well. Do you still bake these days?
Not too long ago, Seulgi’s father gifted us apples he farmed on his own. I already bought the ingredients in order to bake apple pie on our day off. When I bake, the useless thoughts in my head disappear and so I feel a lot of accomplishment. And it makes me feel good if someone eats my baked goods well. I like baking because it relieves my piled up stress.

It’s Wendy’s healing time. Do you have any other hobbies?
Singing. Singing is my job, but there are times when emotions pile up in my heart against my own will. When my heart feels frustrated, I always go to the practice room without even caring about being tired. Whether it’s night or dawn, I ask for permission and then head to the practice room to sing.

I’m curious about the songs that help free your heart.
At times like that, I sing songs that I can truthfully connect to deep in my heart. Then whatever was piled up automatically gets released. The songs I sang often since I was a trainee are ‘Father’ by Insooni, Jessie J’s ‘Who You Are’, and recently I’ve been singing Lyn’s ‘Thank you. My Dear’. I sing these three songs a lot.

You’ve already become a three-year girl group. Is there anything still hard to get used to?
Rather than hard to get used to, there’s a lot I still can’t believe. The love from our fans that I didn’t know as a trainee. Whenever we work hard and prepare a new stage, they pay back with love so much beyond that. We work to show them a 100% stage, but then they give us 500% love which is why it’s hard to step off the stage. I always feel like I’m giving them less compared to what they give us.

Your fans must love that. Then when do you feel happiness?
I feel happiness at the small things. For example, when I’m talking with my members and there’s this moment that’s so funny that we all laugh. I get happy from the laughter that spreads throughout the room and the energy I get from it. Also when I’m tired in the morning, but I see the sunlight shine into our car; I feel happy.

What compliment do you want to give yourself for successfully ending ‘Russian Roulette’ promotions?
This promotion period, I spent every single day so happy, getting up on stage as I enjoyed the interactions with our fans. I think that’s the power of 3 years. I want to compliment myself for enjoying the promotions.

Lastly, is there anything you want to leave at Ceci? Anything is fine.
While promoting this time around, I felt that happiness is really important. The people around me, our fans, the people who read Ceci, I hope that everybody is happy and healthy. I especially hope your hearts are healthy. I think that’s important.

Joy, whose heart has strongly ripened as much as her pretty face

Seeing you in person, you’re very pretty. Hearing that never gets tiresome, right?
Of course (laughs). I want to become prettier, and I’m interested in dressing myself up. I think I’ve become prettier through my effort so when someone asks me for my secrets, I tell them everything. Having a positive mind about wanting to get prettier, working hard, and working out all became great help to me. A negative heart becomes obvious on the face.

I heard that you like to plan things out?
I plan things daily. Like today, after I’m done with the photoshoot, I contacted my personal training teacher to get some training in. After I exercise, I planned on meeting my younger sister to eat something tasty so receiving this question is funny.

I also heard you like to write. What have you written about recently?
If I originally had enjoyed listening to music, watching movies and then writing a reflection, these days I’ve been so busy that I’ve changed to writing words that comfort my heart. Because this job is like that, we get a lot of differing reviews. Even the opinions on my hair ranged from ‘it suits you well’ to ‘it looks really bad’. My writings center around how to not be swayed by those many words and what to do in order to firmly center my heart. I write a diary mostly for myself.

Can you tell us what methods you have found? A lot of people feel the same troubles.
First, I write down everything that troubles me. Such as: I accepted this challenge in order to show a new side of myself, but there was negative feedback along with the positive ones which made me sad. However, I remembered the meaning behind a challenge and took it in proudly, telling myself I won’t lose confidence, giving myself positivity that boosts me up.

In one interview you said, ‘raising my self-confidence was the solution to overcoming my uneasiness’. Specifically, what kind of effort did you put in?
First of all, putting in a lot of effort into the field you work in is the most important. If you get the attitude where you don’t work hard and say ‘I’m good, I’m the best’, it’s easy to become arrogant. When I was a trainee, my standards were the unnies around me. They trained longer than me so of course they were more talented. While learning and practicing together, thinking to myself ‘I’m worse than my unnies right now so what good can I do?’ was too pathetic. So instead I changed my thinking to ‘I’m lacking right now, but I practiced as much as unnies. I’ve come to the level where I can practice alongside them’. I didn’t think that I was good enough from the start.

Truthfully, I don’t get much sleep before an interview either. How do you calm yourself of your worry?
The best solution is talking it out with the people besides you. Recently, I’ve spoken a lot with Seulgi and Wendy unnie. A lot of different topics arise. By acknowledging each other’s worries and taking care of one another by asking ‘are you having a hard time?’, I gained a lot of strength.

What compliment do you want to give yourself for successfully ending ‘Russian Roulette’ promotions?
Usually, I don’t compliment myself very well (laughs). Just like when I first debuted, I continue to think about how I can improve, and my hard work doesn’t stop. On one side, I think I’m doing well, and the other, I think I can do even better.

Lastly, is there anything you want to leave at Ceci? Anything is fine.
Dad, I’ll succeed even more and buy you a table tennis place.

Irene, who takes her time to reply and is cuter the more you look at her

Doesn’t it feel different shooting for the cover altogether with Red Velvet?
I felt that our teamwork became even stronger through ‘Russian Roulette’ promotions, so I’m happy that we can all shoot for the cover together. Also, the concept for today is a style I really like.

The Irene we met in January said the most important thing was ‘expression’. Have you spent the days expressing yourself more?
I worked hard to express myself more. I became busy to the point where I couldn’t carry around my diary all the time, so I’ve worked to record my feelings on my phone’s memos, even if it’s just the slightest, and so my list of memos have become longer.

What do you write about?
The really small things. The songs I listened to during the car ride, plans for what I have to do, what I want to eat. I even include pictures of things I want to buy. Because what I’m feeling at the moment is so important, I write everything down. When I was having troubles falling asleep, I looked up methods on how to sleep better and thought that a blanket was important so I wrote that down and then later bought that and a pillow. Writing things down and then going back to read them, I’ve managed to learn more about myself. So I can express myself more during conversations with others, and it helped me talk about more different things than before.

How does it feel getting compliments on your acting on ‘Game Development Girls’ after only receiving love through your performances?
It was just a web drama and not a TV drama so I thought many people would be unaware of it. However, it would appear on the real time search ranking, and in the dawn the web drama name and my name would be first and second. I was surprised. ‘Oh my’ was my thoughts (laughs). I was really happy that people liked it more than I expected. When I was filming, the many people on set helped me so it was fun.

What kind of role do you want to try in the future?
Just recently, I wanted to try a tomboy, but these days I want to try a melodramatic genre as well. I really like the drama ‘I Need Romance’, and while it may not be with a lover, I learned a lot of reactions about exchanging a heart-to-heart moment between people.

It’s already your third year so what do you think has changed the most about you compared to when you first debuted?
It’s definitely different gaining experience after debuting compared to when I would solely concentrate on practicing. As much as my knowledge has increased, so has the things I need to care about increased as well. While I’ve learned a lot more, the time I was given to get used to it has shortened.

Such as speaking during interviews getting easier.
No. It’s not easy. And I don’t want it to get easy. I worry that words will come out robotic-like as if I’ve memorized it rather than my real thoughts. I don’t want it to become fully comfortable.

What compliment do you want to give yourself for successfully ending ‘Russian Roulette’ promotions?
While I do want to compliment myself, I want to say thank you to those around me. Because the people who have helped me express my true thoughts and talk about different stories have always been beside me. I’ve worked hard, but it was thanks to them that I’ve managed to change, so I’ve always wanted to thank them.

Lastly, is there anything you want to leave at Ceci? Anything is fine.
(after thinking for almost 10 minutes) This is really hard. Why is this so hard? To grandma Noh Bokjoo living in Daegu, your granddaughter Bae Joohyun loves you a lot.

trans credit: jinhee @ fyeah-redvelvet!
original source: Think B / 자꾸생각나
please take out with credits!

source: fy!rv 1 2, think b

i looove this shoot. and the interview is too good. introspective velvet <3
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