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Jay Park drops the R&B album that's Everything You Wanted

Tracklist with clickable timestamps:

1. Replay
2. I Don't Disappoint 2:43
3. Feature (ft. Cha Cha Malone) 6:13
4. All I Wanna Do (K ft. Hoody, Loco) 10:15
5. Limousine (ft. KRNFX) 13:54
6. Solo (ft. Hoody) MV
7. Alone Tonight (ft. Sik-K) 18:00
8. Only One (ft. Raz Simone) 22:15
9. 사실은 (The Truth Is) 26:35 MV
10. 곁에 있어주길 (Stay With Me) 30:35
11. Drive (ft. Gray) 34:09 MV
12. Aquaman 37:45 MV
13. Me Like Yuh (K ft. Hoody) 41:55
14. 2nd Thots 45:38
15. Forever (With DJ Ale Mora ft. Cha Cha Malone) 49:29
16. 전화기를 꺼놔 Remix (Turn Off Your Phone Remix ft. Elo) 52:42
17. I Got This 56:46
18. Me Like Yuh 1:00:36
19. All I Wanna Do 1:04:19

source: Youtube channel xYJx and JAYPARKOFFICIAL

the 전화기를 꺼놔 remix is so good - Elo sounds amazing and Jay's reference to his other songs was hilarious. definitely prefer this album over Worldwide. some of the lyrics are cringe-worthy but does anyone really expect less from Jay?
edit: I've updated the video + the timestamps + source since the first video was taken down. I hope that's okay, mods!
Tags: aomg, jay park, music
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