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Seolhyun on how she really felt about dating, her history controversy & her acting career

At an award ceremony held by the Korea Advertisers Association on October 20, AOA’s Seolhyun was chosen by advertisers as the best ad model alongside Kim Woo Bin. Media outlet Sports Seoul asked Seolhyun for an interview at the event, to which the AOA member readily agreed.

Sports Seoul asked Seolhyun how she really felt when dating news broke out about her and Block B’s Zico, whom she is no longer dating. She said, “Honestly I was surprised. I was surprised that there was news about me, and that people were so interested. It was fascinating, but it was also scary. The fact that the news was revealed at no will of my own was surprising.”

Seolhyun said that despite her initial feelings of fear and surprise, she realized that it wouldn’t have a lasting impact on her life, because she didn’t do anything wrong. The AOA members were also by her side, worrying for her and comforting her. Seolhyun faces her problems head on: “When I’m having a hard time, I acknowledge that and let the people around me know what’s going on. It’s not that it’s easy, but I let my emotions run their course and quickly brush them off. I don’t have a particular method of overcoming things; when time passes, everything gets better.

When asked if she feels uneasy about her entertainment activities after the controversy over her knowledge of history and the dating news, she said, “I do feel a degree of anxiety, but I don’t think it’s the end. My life isn’t over.”

Seolhyun said that this year wasn’t bad, considering all that happened. “Later, when I look back on this year, it’s not to the point where I would think ‘That was a really hard time.’ Going through a lot of things, I’ve become stronger and I don’t think it’ll be hard. Now I have the strength to handle these things.”

Revealing an optimistic, sincere outlook on life, Seolhyun said, “When I achieve a goal, I immediately start working toward the next. Right now my goal is for today to be better than yesterday, for tomorrow to be better than today, to not repeat my mistakes from yesterday.” She said she’s doing well, and that in the future she wants to be someone respected by people with dreams.

Seolhyun gives an interview on her acting career

Article: [Exclusive Interview] Seolhyun, "I'm still a rookie as an actress, of course I don't have a representative work"
Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

- What are the different charms of singing, acting, and variety?
A singer's charm is their ability to show everything that they've worked hard to prepare in 3 minutes. I feel happiness when I can feel the reactions from the crowd right away from stage. As for an actor, I think being able to live life as a different person is a charm. You can try so many things you've never tried before through acting. Through varieties, I can also show who I really am. As a singer and actor, you're made up to present something more than who you really are whereas my image on varieties is closer to 100% of who I am.

- You don't quite have a representative work both on the small and big screens despite having starred in several already.
I'm a rookie actress still. I haven't done a lot compared to how long I've been working. I of course don't have any representative works because of that.

- What are your pros and cons as an actor?
I'm good at feeling the emotions of a situation, no matter the situation. For as fast as I can get emotional, I still feel that I lack in expressing them. I'm the type of personality that struggles with expressing myself and I think that shows in my acting. I know I feel it in my heart but I don't think I've reached a point where I can express it in my acting yet.

- Do you have a genre you'd like to try?
I like fantasy movies... I would like to try an SF or fantasy movie someday. I also want to try a story about communicating with animals. I love animals so I'd love to work in a drama or movie with them.

- Which do you like more, acting or singing?
If I had to choose between the two, I think I'm right in the middle. I find both very fun and I could never give one up. When I act, I find acting fun, and when I sing, I find singing fun.


1. [+483, -60] Please all you idols, stop acting... if you must act, then at least stay out of movies. I really want to rip the screen apart with some of you.

2. [+453, -45] Her image was great at the start but her agency media played so much that they turned it right back. Her CEO is her anti.

3. [+430, -57] But are you even a good singer... aigoo... you should be looking to improve your singing, why're you acting...

4. [+40, -5] Your voice tone makes up 80% of acting and her voice alone is already an error

5. [+39, -9] So she "can feel the emotions but can't express them"? Then why is she taking lead roles...

6. [+32, -6] If she really wants to pursue acting, she needs to start from the basics and really study up with smaller roles and work her way up. It's because she takes lead roles without the skills for it that her acting doesn't connect with the viewers...

7. [+26, -4] Her voice is an error ㅠ

8. [+24, -4] She can't sing, can't act, she's barely maintaining her popularity with her body

9. [+23, -3] It's not only that you can't act, your pronunciation is also really bad too. Just stay out of acting forever.

10. [+21, -3] If you're a rookie, then act like one by starting with smaller roles ^^

11. [+20, -3] Idols have a short lifespan and she can't sing on her own so it's always those idols who can't do this or that that end up going into acting

12. [+18, -1] Don't act

13. [+16, -0] She's not a singer, she's not an actor... if she wants to just show her face everywhere, she should be a model. I hate singers who can't sing and actors who can't act ㅋㅋ

14. [+15, -0] Looks like the end goal for every idol is to become an actor

15. [+12, -1] I personally think she's a pretty and charming style but I recently saw that movie 'Gangnam 1970' and her acting is pretty embarrassing. If you're someone who thinks Kim Go Eun is bad at acting, then you should avoid Seolhyun's stuff altogether.

Seolhyun reveals she's handling her break up well

Article: [Exclusive Interview] Seolhyun, "Everyone goes through dating and break ups, I'm handling it well right now"
Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

1. [+359, -202] I thought she was just a pretty face but she has a pretty way with words too

2. [+306, -167] After reading the interview, it seems she isn't reflecting over her history controversy but rather thinking that she's handling the negative reactions well

3. [+247, -98] She looks like she's aged in these pictures..

4. [+59, -26] She's so ugly with her hair tied up like that... let it loose since it at least makes you look better

5. [+45, -13] Not sure if it's just these pictures or she's really gone through some stressful times... but she aged really hard

6. [+38, -10] 'Kloud' used to do well with Jun Ji Hyun as their model until they fell for Seolhyun's trend status and switched to her as their model and their profits tanked... They recently became one of the failures of expansion alongside the honey butter chip company

7. [+26, -4] Of course everyone goes through break ups but hers was especially bad considering it made her out to look like she was obsessed with him while he sat around denying it ㅋㅋ talk about a dent in your pride

8. [+19, -12] From her hair to her clothes to her make up, everything looks like she's trying to copy Suzy. Just go back to your tanned skin and sexy style.

9. [+16, -2] She doesn't look good without her usual hair style..

10. [+14, -4] She looks like a pretty North Korean lady;;

Source: Naver

1. [+6,581, -309] Yeah well it's not like it was a divorce, it's just a break up

2. [+3,899, -203] I wish they'd stop asking her about the relationship, half of the questions are about it

3. [+601, -51] I wonder what this country cares about other than dating news? All of the dramas are about dating, the celebrity industry is about dating ㅋ How can we raise a generation of brains in this country without any intellectual influence when the public media is in such a tragic state ㅋ

4. [+707, -100] She really has a strong mentality.....

5. [+783, -135] She talks about the history controversy as if she just got unlucky and tripped one day... So different from Jimin's stance for the same controversy. At least Jimin's been studying up.

6. [+777, -140] She doesn't seem to be reflecting at all over the history controversy. She doesn't have a clue about what she did wrong.

7. [+559, -70] You don't just "become an adult" by living life... you have to read and study up. You can't possibly think the passage of time grants you the right to be an adult, right?

8. [+553, -75] She needs to read some more books ㅠㅠ what a shame

9. [+503, -61] How can she not think the relationship influenced her at all?... It actually did in a big way

10. [+414, -54] And what exactly is she "handling well"? I haven't seen her do anything well yet

11. [+382, -48] I don't care about her enough to put her down or hate on her but she's honestly just another female idol who happened to have been born with good looks and can make a living dancing around in underwear. No reason to put her on a pedestal or anything!

12. [+218, -20] Are the pictures really Seolhyun? She looks so ugly in them that I can't even believe it... Her body may be great but her face is... whatever. I guess her face is really dependent on her hair style.

13. [+215, -24] She already got caught running around in tiny skirts but now she's sitting here acting like a classy lady ㅎㅎ please go read some books in the time you're dating

14. [+210, -23] Read some books, it's honestly pathetic

15. [+175, -18] She's just someone who can't sing, dance, or have any talents but still see all the time you turn on the TV through CFs..

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