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Flashback Friday

DAMN THIS WEEK. How in the world did we survive all of this at the same time? Every week I check out the charts for this Friday in a previous year and post the top three songs. Then, I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. Let’s see what we bopped to (cause we for sure bopped this week!) in the 3rd week of October, 2008.

#3 Wonder Girls “Nobody”
What more can we say about this song that hasn’t already been said before? Arguably the most iconic WG era, everything about this was HUGE. The song and the dance were everywhere, and EVERYBODY knew it. And it got them on that Jonas Brothers tour LOL. I remember liking the song and the lives more than the MV, actually.

#2 Rain “Love Story”
SOOO many memories with trying to watch Rain MVs at work and not having them mistaken for porn. This particular one isn’t my favorite Rain song/MV, but this is still a nice song. The lives are really good, too! The MV features baby faced Ha Ji Won.

#1 TVXQ! “Mirotic”
Just in case you thought you had your fill of legends with the first two…BAM! TVXQ! I barely made it to the chorus before shrieking into a pillow, and I’m not even a fan. This song makes me want to do body waves.

Honorable Mentions

#6 Son Dam Bi featuring Eric “Crazy”
I fucking LOVE this so much. This song was on the charts for weeks, and that choreo is still being parodied to this very day. I was OBSESSED with that whole tartan top/high slit skirt outfit 8 years ago, and I still am now, so cute! She had a few big bops after this, and I always wondered what could’ve happened if she stayed with music instead of getting into acting.

#7 Epik High “1 Minute 1 Second”
I think they were still under Woollim here, right? Such a long time ago! I remember the MV more than the song, and they look so young omg. God, this song just sounds so Epik High.

YouTubes: wondergirls, MoonSelenite77, sment, roseltv89, CJENMMUSIC Official & Olleh
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