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Introduce yourselves in an idol-like way.
Jun: Hello, I'm Jun of Seventeen's performance team. I'm from China and I'm the tallest in Seventeen.
Hoshi: I'm Seventeen's performance team's leader, 10:10 Hoshi. My eyes are shaped like the hands of 10:10 on a clock, so Carats gave me this nickname.
Dino: I'm Seventeen's little giant, maknae Dino. I think I have the most outstanding potential in Seventeen. I'm in charge of sweetness in the performance team.
The8: I'm The8 with infinite possibility. I'm also from China, and I can breakdance well.

Seventeen personally participates in songwriting and performance, making them 'Self-Produced Idols.' What role does the performance team play?
Hoshi: Seventeen's performance team is in charge of creating choreography for our title songs and B-sides. In the case of our title tracks, there are times where we work together with a choreographer, but choreography for our B-sides is made by us entirely. Our concert goods were also designed by us. Outside of that, we also write raps and sing in our songs.

There's talk that each of you display lots of capabilities and talent, is that so? Or were you trained to fit the right concept?
Hoshi: Our team was in a situation where our debut kept being pushed back. So because we wanted to debut, we started making our own songs. Those of us who could write songs composed them, and the performance team created choreography, and the company watched over us and thought it was good. Our clothes in particular weren't set, we looked for [the stage outfits] we wanted ourselves, and because it looked admirable [to the company] we were able to debut with that concept.

Unlike other idols who follow the tightly woven system, I think it's unusual to have pride.
Hoshi: Because it's us who is singing our songs and dancing our dances, I think we have to be completely firm [in what we want.]
The8: That's right. Because it's something we like to do.
Dino: Because things have to be done comfortably, I think it's completely natural. Seventeen-like.

I heard that today marks 500 days since Seventeen's debut. I'm curious as to how you remembered the past 500 days.
Hoshi: It was a thankful period of time. Time flew by so fast. In the future, I think we should be more focused.
Jun: I think time went by fast. I won't forget the energy during our debut day, and I want to cherish what I have now. Words of wanting to keep going for a long time.
Dino: Using up all our strength to release an album and promote with the hyungs was a really exciting time. Relieved to have received so much love from people, it has already been 500 days. Because of Carats I am happy and thankful. I have to work harder.
The8: Honestly, I didn't know things would be this hard. I thought that I didn't know one could be this busy, but now I think I've become accustomed to it. Eventhough it's hard, I will work hard together with my members. When I go up on stage and see Carats, I feel strong. I'm so happy whenever I'm on stage.

When you look at Seventeen's performances, they remind you of a musical. Where do you get your influences from?
Hoshi: I worried with hyung on how we should differentiate ourselves from other idol groups' choreographies, and the thought of me having an interest in storytelling in choreographies came up. I wanted to create a stage where we could play freely, so naturally, ideas from musical elements were brought up.

Throughout today's shooting and up until this interview, Hoshi keeps catching my eye. Compared to other kids your age, you seem a lot more mature and greedy.
Dino, The8, Jun: That's right!
Dino: Among the Seventeen members, there isn't anyone without greed. As the performance team's leader, there are a lot of times where Hoshi hyung steps forward very enthuastically. His challenging spirit is very strong.
Hoshi: I think it's a responsibility. I'm performance team's leader. I'm thankful the members follow and help me out well.

How do you feel when you first stand on stage?
Jun: On stage, I'm rather calm when the music first starts. I only think of the stage, right? When a performance is over and I hear the roaring applause from the fans, that's when my nervousness lifts and I feel at ease.
Hoshi: It's a feeling of being locked in a box, and when it falls apart, light comes streaming out? The thrill is no joke. Conveying strength with my body or how much of it I should put in, I become numb to all of that and I feel so excited that I can't control it.
Dino: Before debut, I practiced staring at the camera's red light a lot. I have to gaze at the camera well, and I have a lot of greed because of it. Completing a stage perfectly is important, but I focus on finding the camera's red light.
The8: During our debut stage, rather than feeling happy I was totally nervous. It was also fascinating. Now, when I stand on stage, I feel extremely happy and I enjoy it.

Do you have any worries?
The8: I'm well these days. Only I want to gain weight. No matter how much I eat, I won't gain weight.
Dino: How should I grow in the future? I have those kinds of concerns.
Hoshi: I constantly have troubles. For me, I've been contemplating whether I should get my ears pierced or not. I want to present a new image [of myself], but I'm scared of needles...
Jun: I think I still lack in Korean. I want to do better.

What about something really good? Even a small memory can do.
Hoshi: These days, I'm in the middle of managing my diet but my trainer hyung secretly snuck me meat [to eat]. It was really good. When you're on a diet, you come to a realization that there are a lot of delicious things in the world.
Jun: Hm, I'm only thinking about our shoot today. Because it's the first time we're dressed in such an unusual style I thought it would be awkward, but I think it came out pretty well.
Dino: Not too long ago I discovered a new rapper. He was a rapper I knew from listening to Kendrick Lamar's music, he's called Lil Dicky. I feel happy when I discover a good artist I hadn't known previously.
The8: Seventeen isn't promoting right now so we have a little bit of free time. I went shopping and bowling. Leisurely time is nice.

Is there any special thing you're into these days?
Jun: I've liked books since middle school.
Hoshi: I have a lot of interest in excercising. Since I'm managing my diet, I can't eat so I satisfy my cravings by watching mukbangs.
Dino: There isn't exactly anything I've been into recently. I think I have to find something.
The8: I'm into table tennis. There's a ping pong table at the company, so me and my members play table tennis everyday. I also like riding a bicycle to Han River.

Have you accomplished your dreams now?
Dino, The8, Jun, Hoshi: No. It's only the beginning now.
Dino: I think I can say it like this: during our trainee days, we dreamed a big dream. Even so, a part of our dream then was to be able to debut first. Now that we debuted, my dream has partly been achieved. As for the other half, I want to achieve it as a team called Seventeen.

What is your dream?
Jun: I have a lot of dreams. Every time I wake up, I have a new dream. Looking at those dreams, I work harder and put in my best effort. Rather than becoming a star, it would be nice if I could do the things I want comfortably and with ease. I think that's happiness.
Hoshi: If I were to say this honestly, I just want to earn a lot of money and be a fillial son. I want to be a lot more well-known than I am right now. I want to win first place on all the broadcast stations. Until then, as long as our members are together for a long time, that would be nice.
Dino: I don't know if this is excessive but I want to be an artist that would go down in history. I'd like it if that were to happen as Seventeen. We want to be remembered as artists who would try new things.
The8: For Seventeen to be together for a long time. Becoming more well-known and earning lots of money would be great. Ever since I was young, I've always wanted to be a superstar. I hope things turn out that way.

i fixed some grammar errors and formatting in the interview portion, if thats alright mods!

sources: lucky_balance (1, 2, 3, 4), interview translated by me, 가을달, soostyle83
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