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Sexiest man alive 2016 & Hong Ki Show Impressive Results In Preliminary Professional Bowling Match

Kim Soo Hyun (aka omona sexiest man alive 2016 edition), Lee Hong Ki, and other individuals took part in a preliminary selection match for this year’s class of professional bowlers on October 22.

Both stars were in good condition and showed impressive results. Kim Soo Hyun got a total of 3,315 points with an average of 221. The actor came in 10th place amongst 114 participants.

Lee Hong Ki’s score was 3,115 points and his average was 207.7. He came in 27th place.

The average amongst male participants was 190 points. There’s still more matches to come but both stars look like they’re currently in good standing.

Both will be participating in another match on October 23.

[do he get the booty]
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