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G-DRAGON to receive the 'Korean Prime Minister Recognition' Award

It’s been reported that G-DRAGON has been invited to receive the honor of the Korean Prime Minister Recognition Award at the upcoming ‘2016 Pop Culture and Arts Awards’ hosted by Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. The awards ceremony, which is slated to take place on October 27th, is an annual event that celebrates different artists, entertainers, script writers, and more who have contributed to pop culture and the arts.

G-DRAGON will be receiving the honor of being recognized for his success as a K-pop artist who’s made a huge contribution to the Hallyu wave with his music, style, and more!

[who else is attending? glad you asked!]

source: naver (via @pm9904), koogletv, @mystifize

lmao mods i wasn't planning on posting this - i just saw the netizen one on twit so decided to - but tysm for the link!! i added a bit more other than that too, so hopefully it's better now~ also idk if the 'award show' tag is appropriate or not ;;
Tags: award show, g-dragon, netizens, when will your faves?
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