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MONSTA X's Model Duo Hyungwon & Minhyuk Walking For Seoul Fashion Week~!!!

Monsta X's Hyungwon and Minhyuk walked for Seoul-based fashion brand MÜNN's 2017 S/S Collection for Seoul Fashion Week.

[Runway Walk Video from V App Broadcast]
MÜNN Runway Walk Video (From V App Broadcast)

[MX.CH Ep.33 - Minhyuk & Hyungwon for SFW [Eng Sub]]
MX.CH Ep.33 - Minhyuk & Hyungwon for SFW [Eng Sub]

[MÜNN Instagram Pictures]
MÜNN Instagram Pictures

[Twitter Update]
Twitter Update


Source: MonstaXMas Youtube [1] // MonstaXSubs Youtube [1] // MÜNN Official Instagram [1] // arya940115 Twitter [1] // sensitive_mh Twitter [1] // MONSTAXTRANS Twitter [1]

Hyungwon has had previous runway experience, but it was Minhyuk's first time and bb was so nervous~ I don't care much for the brand or clothes, but i'm happy both boys got the opportunity to do some individual activities :D

Tags: fashion show, monsta x
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