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☆★ This is a FIESTAR Update Post ☆★

☆★ Here is a compilation of some of the interesting things that happened to Fiestar recently (I didn't include some of the things listed below because there's just too many lol)

  • Linzy celebrated her birthday, had a musical, photoshoot, interviews,

  • Hyemi has been more recognised and now most fancams I found are of her, attended few events

  • Yezi threw a pitch, loads of photos of her with long black hair, on Hip Hop Nation 2

  • Omona's Visual Queen Jei injured her foot and sat out from activities but showed us how to look good in a turtleneck

  • Cao Lu did My Little Television, performances etc.

  • Yezi, Hyemi and Cao Lu attended fashion week

  • hitthoselightz took a hiatus, cried about life and bought a hat

{ #FIESTAR_HappyLinzyDay } October 22nd, is #Fiestar’s honey voice #Linzy's♥ birthday~ All #Lets, please give her a lot of birthday wishes! #FIESTAR #Linzy #HappyLinzyDay

☆★ Fiestar for BYC with MADTOWN

☆★ Yezi did a pitch

☆★ Some Performances/Photos

☆★ Fashion Week/Events
source: fiestarintl for translation, fiestar twitter, entertain.naver.com, Linzy's instagram 1,2,3, Jei's instagram 1,2, 여름의혜미 youtube, smile -wA- youtube 1,2, Ana JotaMad youtube, W.Shalala youtube 1,2, ogershome twitter 1,2,3, fiestarintl twitter 1,2,3,4, byc.official instagram 1,2,3, girlgroupzone twitter, spotv youtube,

do you look good in a turtleneck omona?
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