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Il etait une fois

Zion.T and friends on Fantastic Duo

In episode 27, Zion.T and Lee Moon Sae sang the classic song "I Still Do Not Know" together. Zion.T looked very shy and cute standing next to the veteran singer and they even linked arms and swayed a bit during the middle of the song.

Former Fin.kl member Ok Joohyun joined Zion.T for his song "Two Melodies."

During the duet portion, many fans (and a couple special guests!) sent in their duet videos. I especially liked the group of girls harmonizing with burgers lol

The winners of the duet contest were chosen to perform "Eat" on stage with him.

Source: SBS Entertainment 1, 2, 3 | SMTOWN

vote for Taeyang in the thirst games plz and ty
Tags: dsp entertainment, lee jong suk, taeyang, zion.t
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