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NYAN is Disbanding Because of Star Empire


I mean would it surprise anyone given that label? But we're actually not and we're back though much later than I hoped as TT and all that is out, sorry friends!

My computer issues continue, but we're working on making the podcast better every week, if you have any advice or critque please lay it on us!

Murdy, Kiara and Juliette meet to talk about comebacks that by now have mostly happened. We also talk about your problematic faves in Zico and Jay Park, we joke and we poke fun and most likely Murdy offends all the BAP fans and sorry.

Tweet at us: @NYANetizens
Tumblr us: notyouraveragenetizes.tumblr.com
Send us mail: notyouraveragenetizens@gmail.com
Find us on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/not-y…id897976287?mt=2

Send me hate tweets: @Papamurdy (Or love <3)


You can of course get it at the source!

Thanks as always! ♥

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