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V APP with Ladies' Code

🍜 Lunch at the Han River with Ladies' Code 🍜
The girls relax at the Han River in between fan meetings. Sojung says hello to basically everyone online, Ashley greets every country online, Zuny dances, Ashley attempts a 'British' accent, Sojung treats us to some English,

🏖 Fun at the Beach in Haeundae, Busan 🏖
(the video starts at a 45 degree angle, skip to 1:05 & skip 3:40-4:41/5:48-6:46 if you're sensitive to angled videos)
Zuny and Sojung form a beatbox/rap subunit, the girls chase each other around the beach, discuss clothes & Halloween costumes, make dinner plans, take & print selfies, Ashley speaks snippets of Spanish to Spanish fans, Ashley expresses herself through dance, and Sojung and Ashley flirt with Zuny-oppa who also flirts with everyone.

gifs: ewkpop,
v app: lunch at the han river, fun at the beach

someone tell sojung her english is getting really good! they're so precious, there's something so calming about watching them chill together. also where the hell can i get ashley's phone case it's so cool i must have it for scrapbooking purposes
Tags: ladies code, v app
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