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"Drinking Solo" Ep 13-16 (Finale) Discussion Post + News About Possible Season 2!

itle: 혼술남녀 / Honsoolnamnyeo
Also known as: Let's Drink
Genre: Drama, romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast period: 2016-Sep-05 to 2016-Oct-25
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 23:00

Casts: Ha Suk Jin as Jin Jung Suk, Park Ha Sun as Park Ha Na, Hwang Woo Seul Hye as Hwang Jin Yi, Min Jin Woong as Min Jin Woong, Kim Won Hae as Kim Won Hae, Gong Myung as Jin Gong Myung, Key as Kim Ki Bum, Kim Dong Young as Kim Dong Young, Jung Chae Yeon as Jung Chae Yeon

Synopsis: Drama depicts the slice-of-life and daily activities around the teachers, students, staffs of a private institution that prepares for civil service exam. The characters like to drink alone afterwork for their own reasons

Watch Here: DramaFire

Drinking Solo to order up a second round?

Yay, let’s toast! Funny slice-of-life comedy Drinking Solo just ended its run yesterday on tvN, and already there’s talk of a second season for the show. It’s great news in my book, since I already miss the quirky characters and the lovely realism of the stories, and thought the drama felt short at sixteen episodes. While it’s still too early for definitive answers, producers are promising to make a second season happen somehow. Seeing as how the drama comes from PDs and writers of the Let’s Eat and Rude Miss Young-ae franchises that have succeeded in both the spinoff and multi-season formats, I think it’s safe to say they can make it happen.

Despite being advertised as the drinking counterpart to Let’s Eat, Drinking Solo was far more focused on the lives of teachers and students in the academy-central district of Noryangjin than it was ever about drinking. And because the show was about characters either teaching or studying for the civil service exam—an ever-growing trend these days among college grads because of job scarcity—the show was praised for its relatable portrayal of young adults just struggling to get by. It premiered to 2.9% ratings and doubled its share to 5.8% by the finale, and the cast and crew were rewarded with a vacation.

Drinking Solo’s Chief Producer Ahn Sang-hwi stated in an interview, “There has been talk back and forth about Season 2. I think we’ll definitely find a way to do it somehow. Of course once we begin planning it concretely there will be many things to work out like the actors’ schedules, but because the producers and tvN are certain, the chances are high.”

According to CP Ahn, most of the actors have expressed the desire to return for a second season as well, which I don’t doubt since it was a positive boost for Ha Suk-jin and Park Ha-sun, and breakout roles for many others, like Gong Myung, Key, Hwang Woo-seul-hye, and Min Jin-woong.

Reps from tvN were more cautious about giving a statement, and said that concrete plans haven’t been made yet because the first season just ended, but since cast and crew have expressed interest, the network is leaving the door open for a sequel. As far as the story goes, there’s plenty more to explore with these characters, and because of the transient nature of exam-cramming gosiwon life, you could cycle characters in and out for years if you really wanted to. Although really, who could ever replace the Noryangjin idiot threesome, and why would anyone do such a crazy thing?

Okay, Drinking Solo, I’m ready for 2-cha now!

source: DramaWiki, Dramabeans

The drama ended in a high note of 5% ratings (extremely good for cable tv) and the casts&staffs will get a reward vacation for 3days & 5nights to Danang, Vietnam this November 6th to celebrate its success. They deserve it. I seriously never laughed as much for other dramas. Good job, everyone!
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I can't believe my ship was sailing <3 and main OTP ended in a realistic way imo, they had a lot of issues to fix. Yayy for season 2! It will be good if 3 students + Chaeyeon still there, but I don't mind Key's not in it as long he appears in more drama lol. The boy only received praises on his acting (+singing), I am so proud. Drinking Solo is seriously a blessing;;
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