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Ever since group of the century 4minute has moved on to pursue solo careers, fans have been left STARVING for news! Now, the 4 members that left Cube (thank GOD) have all found new agencies and are preparing for their next steps.

Jiyoon Album Cover.jpg

Jiyoon is releasing her first solo album on Nov 2!

Titled "Day and Night," it will have two self-composed tracks. One is "I'll Do It," based on her #TRENDY catchphrase from Unpretty Rapstar 2 (Naega Hae). It's a pop-R&B song with a warm and positive message.  The other song is titled "Magnets," a easy-listening hip-hop track about the attraction between two people. It features Olltii from SMTM3.

She also reveals more album photos and disbandment info in an interview with Yonhap News


  • The idea of a disbandment came into picture around the end of last year

  • By the end of May, they basically knew it was going to happen

  • The members cried after their last performance at the end of May (a university festival) and she cried at home a lot by herself

Jiyoon 1.jpg

  • Received offers from many agencies, but picked the current one (JS E&M) based on compatibility of their shared vision of the future and growth potential, even though it's small

jiyoon 2.jpg

  • Went on a trip recently with Gayoon and Sohyun and played her new song for them

  • Has more than 50 self-composed songs saved in her computer from over the years (t/n: Wtf were you doing all this time, Cube????)

  • Wants to use her solos as an opportunity to step away from 4minute's musical style and establish her own musical direction as an artist rather than an idol

Jiyoon 3.jpg

Gayoon, Jihyun, and Sohyun find new homes with acting agencies

Gayoon 1.jpg
(T/N: she looks amazing wtf)

Gayoon is preparing for a CHANGE IN DIRECTION, signing with acting agency BS Company. She shares an agency with Reply 1997 alum Lee Shiun. BS Company calls Gayoon a "PURE and SOPHISTICATED artist with INFINITE potential for growth."

Jihyun 1.jpg

Jihyun is preparing for her SECOND BEGINNING, signing with Artist Company, an agency headed by TOP STARS Lee Jungjae and Jung Wooseok. She shares a home with actress Lee Siah, who currently stars in the hit daily drama, Strange Family. (t/n: There were reports that Jihyun is still negotiating her contract with the company, but there hasn't been an official follow up. Most news articles currently just assume that she has been signed.)

Sohyun 1.jpg

The LAST member to announce her new plans, Kwon Sohyun signed with 935 Entertainment on October 14. She has experience as a child actress and also starred in INDIE movie "Yellow Dog," and has much potential with her CUTE looks. 935 Entertainment is most famous for housing fellow hot actor, Namgoong Min.

No one has bothered to update on 4minute in YEARS! Now that they're on their way back, are you ready to stop being fake fans and support Jiyoon's solo? How do you feel about 3/5 of 4minute turning into actresses?

Sources: Naver (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), 4MF (1, 2), other translations by me
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